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I'm another girl unhappy with her weight and this is where i will blog what i eat and find inspiration to shed the pounds, i am from the UK and my goal weight is 120 pounds (8 stone) i am currently 9st 5lb pounds but was 150 so im getting there, the healthy way though.
Peanut Butter - You can easily find peanut butter that contains only 100% roasted peanuts (you can buy the organic and non-organic kinds).
TP Massage Ball's primary focus is to assist in managing minor aches and pains of the muscle by applying pressure to general areas. Apply pressure with the ball by using the floor, wall or any hard surface to stabilize movement of the ball. Understand, in order to get deep into the muscle the ball has to remain still with an ample amount pressure for 5 to 7 seconds. The TP Massage Ball is great for the neck, shoulders, back, chest, piriformis, calves, or anywhere that you have minor aches and pains. Once relieved, roll the TP Massage Ball side to side or in circles for a cross friction type massage.
Exercise has been shown to help keep the mind sharp and could even reduce symptoms of dementia.
Active folks see the glass as half full not only while they exercise, but for up to twice as long after hanging up their kicks than their less mobile counterparts. Believe it or not, working up a sweat can rid the face of gunk that clogs pores and leads to breakouts.

Older runners can keep their balance better than non-runners, protecting their knees and tendons in the process.
Resistance training is awesome, but word on the street is that running might help produce even stronger bones than cranking out reps. A strong core improves posture, strengthens limbs, and helps make everyday activities a breeze.
Studies suggest that people who set and meet (or exceed) long-term fitness goals are more committed and satisfied with their exercise routines than those who trudge along aimlessly. Running for just an hour a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by almost half compared to non-runners.
Not only do runners have fewer disabilities and remain active longer than their sedentary counterparts, they actually live longer. It’s what turned us from apes to humans and was used by our ancestors to outrun prey over long distances. Hitting the track might also protect the brain against Alzheimer’s, even among those with a family history of it.
Runners who ran outside and snagged a good view of nature showed increased self-esteem post-workout than those who had only unpleasant scenes to gaze at. As an impact exercise, running helps build the muscle that lower-impact workouts ignore, keeping bones healthier even as they age.

And whether we feel it or not, running engages that midsection, strengthening those all-important muscles. And for those already hitting the recommended physical activity guidelines, an extra spurt of exercise can lower the risks of heart disease even more.
And ladies, women who regularly engage in intense workouts like running can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 30 percent. During intense training like preparing for a race (sorry, channel surfing doesn’t count) increasing carb intake might help running performance and boost mood during harder runs. Bonus: Research shows runners who do intervals have more fun while running (really!) and might be more likely to keep it up. Be careful not to overdo it, though: Too much exercise can lead to stress injuries and bone loss. Not only does running boost the brain’s serotonin levels, regular exercise might actually remodel the brain, making it calmer and more stress resistant.

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