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The South isn’t going to rise again if people are making the minimum payments on their credit cards.
Like most people, I learned about the American Civil War from government-issued history books, and was taught that it was fought over issues like slavery and state sovereignty. It reminds me of the movie “The Matrix”, and a scene where the character Morpheus offers the red pill and the blue pill.
In the movie, the red pill wakes the recipient up from the techno-enslavement they are living in (but don’t even know they are.) The blue pill allows them to go back to sleep, and continue to believe whatever they want to believe. I took it a couple decades ago, and since then I’ve endeavored to offer it to anyone who was willing.
And, of course, many people will leave this world the same way they showed up:No hair, no teeth, and no money! Perhaps there’s comfort to be found in the placement of bumper stickers that announce some grandiose idea that you’re not really willing or able to act on? What I DO know is that if you’re an individual who’s looking for freedom from the all-too-common slavery of financial lack, you have an opportunity approaching, the timing of which has never been seen before, and which will not be repeated in the foreseeable future. It’s an opportunity for YOU to rise again… and I don’t give a damn if you live in the south, north, west or even another country. In a few days I’ll be flying in to Charlotte NC… to speak at an event with thousands of people gathering from around the world… and to help launch the biggest development the home-business industry has seen in years.
If you’re someone who values RESULTS above talk, platitudes and bumper-sticker quotations, you deserve to see this video I posted a couple days ago with my good friend (and good ol’ southern boy) Tony, and see how you can get an invitation to this ONE-TIME-ONLY event. Now take a look at the above pics, again something very radical and you won’t be able to guess the donor even here. Mototuning works on all the major brands, including the Jap 4, Triumph, KTM, MV, Ducati, HD and they do a lot of choppers and custom bikes, I mean customs as in the ones we see on T.V. I had a great time and learned about southern culture, southern hospitality and met a lot of great people. Saying “it’s not so bad” because we see the same lack and limitation virtually everywhere we look.

Take 3 guesses (its turning out to be a nice game, eh!) and then get this hint… it’s officially the best liter bike of 2009 in the Supersports category.
While the one in black is named ‘Matrix’ for obvious reasons, the one in red is called ‘Techno Bike Shotgun’. To support the mass, you will have Carillo rods, Beringer cylinders with Otec Cylinder sleeves and the monsterous power is delivered with the help of J.E. Pistons, a Dyno Jet, of course it would look tame without a NOS Nitro Kit, so there you go! There speciality of course still remain tuning not so mundane bikes to monster proportions.
It’s the R1, nicknamed ‘Philippe’ and 'R1 Street' respectively and I can sense the disbelief you are having, so here is the link direct to the page of Phillipe to convince you. Look at the bikes above, these are the Monster 900, priced at € 25,000 all inclusive with the bike,then comes the Hornet 600 Matrix, which has been designed by MC16 in entirity, i.e. A Dynojet Carb Kit Stage 7 (?) has been installed for boosting the power of the monster V-Twin. The bike has been done by Krugger, yes that famous guy who regularly ends in the AMD podium. Changes to the original 2004 R1 include the rear hull from a 2006 Yamaha R6 along with the rear mudguard from a 600 RR while the front mudguard is retained from the original, Nikko Racing mufflers modified with aluminum, Harris Grips, fork head from a Kawasaki Z750 modified with stainless steel plate, custom foot rests, brake pedal, switches, etc.How can anyone say that this is an R1.
The second R1 with the creamy white paint is taken from the new Fiat 500 (Fiat Yamaha, anyone!). The third is my personal favoirate being a Cafe Racer and this is the TL 1000S Cafe Racer designed by Moto Champion and then we have the V Rod Techno bike which looks so futuristic although I didn't find any tuning if done on this bike. For a hint, how about that the bike is called as the most beautiful naked bike among all current bikes produced? The rear hull is from a 2004Honda CBR 1000 RR and those beautiful mirrors are accessorized from Rizoma. A little down south from Austria where KTMs are made, you will find the country of its origin, Italy and that my dear friend is the Brutale ‘Bestiale’.

Looking at the Brutale previously and these two R1s, you get an impression that they are more into Street Fighter style modification. You can visit the Santiago Chopper website, who specializes in Bobbers, Choppers and Trikes.
So I also have some doubts whether some of the bikes where no custom builders name has been mentioned are done by Mototuning themselves or that if these bikes are customized by the clients who wants to tune their bike at Mototuning.
Another of those 'Guess-The-Bike' is this amazingly done Buell S1 'Hen Robber', yes a Buell chopper. I did search for it, but I guess its too early, I mean the Ducati Streetfighter has been in the market only recently, it would really be interesting to see what they could do to that naked streetfighter.
Actually the site is in french, so its little difficult to go about it, but what the heck, these are some nice examples of custom modification and since this blog is alla bout Visual gratification, it does serve its purpose! Neither was I when I saw it for the first time.Now you must have heard about Mototuning, the French company who specializes in well, tuning. But the better part is that they have a gallery and you can all post your modified bike there. If the post is too long to read, I suggest you go through the last para which will surely hold your interest. They, of course sell accessories too and not just that, specialized tuning kits for your bikes. Changes include a Hull rear with new front lighting, radiator scoops, redesigned exhaust, new tail light and of course the new carbon body. If you notice the 5 star alloys does indicate the MV stamp, but overall at first glance, its impossiblt to recognize it. Credits mention that it is a non-profit organization, I surely didn't understand that, if someone can make it clear, I would be grateful.

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