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We built our reputation with our industry-leading cardio and strength products, but we stake it on our ability to provide solutions tailored to our customers.
The Matrix E3x Elliptical is an effective, dual action cross trainer ideal for fat-burning, cardio training.
It operates smoothly and is easy to use with eight pre-set workouts giving all users optimum enjoyment when exercising and is a full commercial quality high specification elliptical. A Johnson Health Tech tem produzido equipamentos de premium de fitness desde 1975 e possui o crescimento mais rápido dentre as fabricantes de equipamentos fitness do mundo.

The E3x includes a Constant Rate of Acceleration and our patented suspension design delivers a perpetually smooth motion free of wheels and tracks. Cada vez que introduzimos um novo produto, de imediato começar a perguntar "Como podemos fazer melhor? The ergo form grips with integrated incline and resistance controls enhances the comfort and accessibility to key functions and the LED console is easily navigated by users of all experience levels.
Additionally, the self-powered system provides a cost-savings and freedom of placement within your home or fitness facility.

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