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There are not that many people who are aware of the fact that ordinary drinking water is actually one of the best possible source of calcium and many other essential minerals.
And that is where drinking water kicks in, because it is very efficient in providing essential minerals in a very easily absorbable format. Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members!
Maintain bone health with an easy-to-swallow, highly absorbable Calcium supplement that also includes the supporting nutrients Vitamin D3 and Boron. I have found the Calcium to be very easy to swallow and digest for a person with stomach problems. Andrew Lessman's Calcium Intensive Care is a gentle, high-potency formula designed to address the needs of virtually all individuals, particularly women, to consume extra calcium and Vitamin D3. Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals on our planet, yet it is sadly lacking from our diet.
At ProCaps, we overcome this problem by using only highly-soluble, ultra-fine powdered forms of Calcium in small, easy-to-swallow capsules that are guaranteed gentle even to sensitve stomachs. Calcium Intensive Care is designed to be a pleasant and effective way to provide the Calcium we need without the problems of ordinary supplements. As we get older, the Calcium we require becomes more difficult to absorb and tolerate, but Calcium Intensive Care makes it easy to enjoy the Calcium and Vitamin D3 required for a healthy skeleton and body while always remaining gentle and mild — even to sensitive stomachs.

There are numerous different types of foods and beverages which are excellent sources of calcium, but the problem is that they are not always the best option when it comes to absorbing all those precious nutrients. For those who do not know, calcium is the 20th element on the Periodical Table, its central core contains 20 neutrons and 20 protons and it is also surrounded by 20 orbiting electrons.
One should be rather careful when choosing various food items, because the market is overwhelmed by numerous items which are supposedly fortified with calcium.
One must also consider that without adequate Vitamin D3, we cannot absorb what little Calcium we manage to consume and sadly, Vitamin D3 is just as scarce as Calcium. This eliminates the difficult swallowing, chalky taste, poor absorption and stomach upset that make ordinary calcium supplements so unpleasant. Because of its ultra-fine powder and super-soluble ingredients, our Calcium Intensive Care remains mild despite its high potency: 500 mg of Calcium, 1,000 mcg of Boron and 250 IU of Vitamin D3 in 2 small capsules.
The source of calcium which ensures the best possible absorption of this essential mineral is water.
Is there any way to make a more concentrated capsule that is easy to swallow so that I won't have to take so many?
In fact, inadequate Calcium and Vitamin D3 intake poses an enormous threat to the long-term health of our bones and bodies in this country. Since these structures continually change and grow, the human body needs a constant intake of calcium, on a regular daily basis.

Making matters worse is the fact that ordinary Calcium is very hard to absorb from typical supplements, particularly those large, rock-like calcium tablets. It is the defining factor of the maintenance of the bone mass, and when a person suffers from calcium deficiency it may lead to numerous different types of medical conditions and problems.
In fact, when a person reaches thirty years of age, there is much more bone lost than made.
This is why it is important to remain as vital as possible, especially as the person grows older and older.
When the person does not ingest sufficient amounts of calcium on a regular daily basis, it eventually leads to the development of a medical condition known as osteoporosis, characterized by weak and fragile bones. If a person ingests too much calcium, he or she may end up having calcium deposits in certain parts of the body, and those can sometimes be rather painful.

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