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A wonderful resource for any woman moving through what I call “the rite of passage,” is the book, The Hormone Cure by Dr. As I was listening to this chapter, all of a sudden, I started to hyperventilate, I was gasping for air, I could not breathe, let out this loud noise, collapsed to the ground and burst into tears.
This is an excellent resource for all women although I don’t agree with her view on testosterone levels. I decided to have a check up on the bleeding only to find out there was a tumor in my utuerus the size of a 14 week embryo. So sorry to hear you experienced this, glad you are feeling better now and in hormonal heaven now.
At my three-month visit to the oncologist, these complaints produced pinched smiles and shrugs.
When I relayed my symptoms to my gynecologist, he told me that I likely didn't need an antidepressant. According to the National Institutes of Health, total female testosterone levels should be anywhere between 30 to 95 nanograms per deciliter. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues!
Check out the testosterone tools for conversion, management and effectiveness of treatment.
This website is intended to provide information to an international audience outside the USA and UK.
The general recommendations are to raise the blood testosterone level only into the middle of the normal physiological range. An ideal preparation of testosterone will bring testosterone levels back into the normal range to reverse the symptoms of low testosterone. Oral capsules or pills are also available but may not be as reliable as other formulations. The benefits of testosterone replacement on sexual function, fat and lean body mass, blood lipids and bone density in men with low testosterone are clear.
If low testosterone occurs during adulthood, you can make some lifestyle and dietary changes to help prevent osteoporosis. As long as the blood levels of testosterone are kept within the normal range, side effects are uncommon. Testosterone has a wide margin of safety and side effects tend to be rare, so you may never experience any of these effects. A clear testosterone gel rubbed onto the shoulders, chest or back once a day a€“ dries within a few minutes. The average age of men in the US is projected to rise significantly over the next 25 years, with the greatest increase occurring in men > 65 years old. As this happens, there will be a dramatic increase in age-related health problems too, including cancer, strokes, heart disease and hormone deficiency. One issue with testosterone that complicates matters is the fact that it exists in several different forms in the blood, and each form has different hormonal activity (Figure 1). In men with low testosterone levels, testosterone can improve bone mineral density and reduce bone fractures, an effect similar to that found in postmenopausal women on estrogen replacement. Testosterone results in increases in lean body mass, possibly strength and can decrease fat mass. To make an accurate diagnosis of low testosterone, symptoms or findings must accompany a blood draw showing a low testosterone level. Because testosterone is found in several forms in the blood, there is debate as to what test is best to diagnose testosterone deficiency.
The ideal testosterone therapy maintains normal concentrations of the hormone without having significant side effects. The most popular choices are the transdermal gels (70% of patients), injectables (17%) and then transdermal patches (10%). Testosterone replacement is generally considered a long term therapy and patients need to be monitored regularly as outlined in Table 3.
There are decreases in growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-I with age in both men and women.
Excessive red blood cell count (polycythemia) was a commonly observed side effect in a meta-analysis of clinical trials of testosterone therapy. Although it does not cause sleep apnea, testosterone therapy can worsen existing sleep apnea. Painful breast enlargement (gynecomastia) due to high levels of estrogen (which comes from testosterone) can develop during therapy. Testosterone therapy is not thought to affect total cholesterol or LDL cholesterol, but the affect on high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels remains unclear.
One of the most concerning risks of androgen replacement is the potential to worsen detected or undetected prostate cancer.
The Turek Support Medical Disclaimer and Forum Site Terms of UsePlease note that Information provided and user stories shared on this forum site, and the data and sources to which it refers, is not intended to provide a health diagnosis, treat medical conditions or substitute for medical advice by your health care providers. KEY POINTS FOR CLIENTSBring any information you may have from prior evaluationsCollect prior reports and bring them with you to the initial visit. This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here.
Replacement therapy, testosterone: The practice of giving testosterone to treat conditions in which the testes do not produce enough testosterone.
I had been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms starting in my 30’s, with weight gain, foggy thinking, almost depression-like symptoms that had gone on for years. I was told my total testosterone level was 28 and it was recommended I be put on a testosterone regimen. And I had been experiencing serious mood swings, I was losing my hair, but grew hair on my face, and my sex drive was off the charts. Harris was desperate to feel like herself again—until she discovered a most unlikely cure. Once the decision has been made to increase testosterone levels, low testosterone can be replaced by using one of a number of treatment options. As testosterone replacement therapy is long term, it is important that it is convenient, safe and effective. It will also be safe and offer a convenient dosing schedule and means of administration, at a reasonable cost.
A blood sample taken a few weeks after the start of treatment is used to measure levels of testosterone in order to check that the right amount of hormone is achieved.

The potential benefits of testosterone replacement in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome and diabetes are still being investigated.
Improvements in signs and symptoms of low testosterone, such as libido, sexual, physical and mental functioning and mood, can be expected over time and will show you that the treatment is working. Testosterone replacement in men with low testosterone increases lean body mass and strength and decreases fat mass.
Current evidence suggests that testosterone replacement in men is relatively safe in terms of cardiovascular health and does not cause important cardiovascular side effects.
Low testosterone can lead to thinning of the bones (osteoporosis) and men with hip fractures tend to have low testosterone. Regular exercise and adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D help to maintain bone strength and are important to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Although the health risks associated with age-related hormonal decline in women, termed menopause, have been thoroughly addressed, it has now been shown that hormonal changes in the aging male are associated with significant health problems.
Paul Turek at The Turek Clinic, a “Best Doctors in America” choice for 7 years running, has expertise and interest in helping patients understand all of the issues, good and bad, that surround testosterone replacement therapy in men of all ages.
These changes can be dramatic, such that 50% of men >60 years old have low levels of testosterone.
Free testosterone comprises all of the cars that can start and be driven away, but the protein-bound testosterone are those cars that may or may not start, and those that may or may not be able to be driven away. Importantly, hip fractures are 2-3 times as likely to kill an older man as a woman of the same age, and 40% of older male patients with hip fractures die within 1 year of the injury.
In fact, many of these symptoms can be attributed simply to the natural and unavoidable consequence of aging. In addition, a DEXA scan is an accurate, quick and painless procedure for measuring bone density or bone loss. Several kinds of hormone replacement are currently available at The Turek Clinic, including oral, injectable, transdermal and buccal mucosal systems as outlined in Table 2. Physical exam, rectal exam, testosterone, liver and lipid profile, PSA, and hematocrit (depending on formulation).
Physical and rectal exam; testosterone, liver and lipid profile, PSA, and hematocrit (depending on formulation). It is a selective androgen because, unlike testosterone, it cannot be converted to estrogens.
It is a steroid hormone made by the adrenal gland and its level progressively declines beginning the third decade of life and beyond.
In addition, treatment of young GH-deficient adults with growth hormone improves body composition, muscle strength, physical function, and bone density, and reduces blood cholesterol and cardiovascular disease risk. Blood counts (hematocrit) levels above 50 have been associated with an increased risk of stroke. However, it is very rarely observed with injectable, transdermal and transbuccal formulations.
Men at risk of sleep apnea include elderly and obese men, and those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, no link has been made to testosterone replacement and the development of prostate cancer. Semen analyses or hormone testing can help 1) avoid duplicating tests, and 2) give further evidence (or not) of a male infertility problem.
I knew I needed to lose a little weight and make some changes with my nutrition, so I started to do what I call “eat intuitively.” I pay attention to how I feel when I eat certain foods.
At the time, I was 43, had just completed my first sprint triathlon, was training for my second, as well as a half marathon. Recently I was listening to the audio version of the book and it came to the chapter on androgens. This contradicts what the reference levels guidelines are and poses the question, who sets the guidelines?
I started off with a shot in my backside and a prescription for cream that I could massage into my thigh every day. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider. Regular blood tests are required to monitor testosterone levels and ensure rare but potentially serious side effects of treatment do not develop. Indeed, there is some evidence that testosterone replacement is beneficial for cardiovascular disease and may continue to improve cardiovascular risk factors over time. Men with diabetes have been shown to have substantially lower testosterone levels than men in the general population, yet low testosterone in many remains undiagnosed and untreated. Although the rate of decline varies widely, a general rule of thumb is that testosterone levels decrease about 1% yearly after age 50. What is usually measured in a blood draw is the total testosterone, which is a combination of the free and protein-bound forms.
So, aging is associated with 1) lower total testosterone production (fewer cars in the lot) and 2) higher levels of certain proteins that bind testosterone (sex hormone-binding globulin, SHBG), such that even fewer cars can start and run, and it is this combination of events that leads to declining testosterone activity with age.
It appears to improve lipid profiles and dilates blood vessels in the heart but no data has yet shown that it reduces heart attacks or strokes. Penile erections may be improved with testosterone, but only in men with low testosterone levels. Symptoms include decreased sexual desire and erectile dysfunction, changes in mood associated with fatigue, depression and anger, and decreases in memory and spatial orientation ability. For example, frailty may be due to many causes, some of which include loss of muscle strength, bone fractures, decreased mood, and impaired cognition, symptoms typical of testosterone deficiency.
Presently, measuring testosterone byproducts such as dihydrotestosterone (DHT), estradiol and dihydroandrosteindione (DHEA) is not that useful in making the diagnosis. Within a month or two after treatment is started, symptoms and testosterone levels should be assessed. As a consequence of this, studies have attempted to correlate levels of DHEA and DHEA-sulfate with many health conditions.
Some of these improvements are in health domains similar to those affected by testosterone.
Careful follow-up of patients at risk for prostate cancer while on testosterone therapy is important. The most important piece of information about her is her age, as fertility in women declines after age 35 and is almost certainly decreased at 40. This article helps you understand the benefits, risks, and side effects of testosterone replacement therapy.Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Testosterone TreatmentWe provide testosterone replacement therapy for men and women.

Recipes, kitchen help, real foodie tips, and giveaways — everything you need to stay on track.
A strong heartbeat and a few random firings from the wet, wadded-up towel passing for my brain?
Evidence is emerging that testosterone may protect against clogging or hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). It is not yet fully known whether diabetes is a cause or a consequence of low testosterone. Despite the fact that it is not as rapid a drop in hormones as women get with menopause, it certainly is just as real.
An analogy to explain this is to think of the total testosterone as all of the cars in a parking lot.
Thus, the complex physiology of testosterone balance often clouds the interpretation of age-related declining levels of the hormone. Important, isolated low testosterone is an unusual (6%) cause of erectile problems in older men as lower sex drive and age-related changes to the penis are far more common. On examination, there may be decreased lean body mass with reduced muscle volume and strength, and increases in abdominal girth. However, the association of such symptoms along with a low testosterone certainly implicates this as a problem. Bone density assessments can also be performed periodically during testosterone replacement to assess the bone response to treatment. During the first year of therapy, patients should be followed regularly to assess clinical response. DHT has an effect on several target tissues, including external genitalia, prostate and skin. However, growth hormone treatment is often accompanied by carpal tunnel syndrome, peripheral swelling, joint pain and swelling, breast tenderness, glucose intolerance, and possibly increased cancer risk. Patients on testosterone should be informed that fertility will be impaired during treatment. The FDA recommends that testosterone therapy not be given to men with prostate or breast cancer. As with estrogen replacement therapy for women, dosing must be carefully calibrated to gain the greatest benefits without unwanted side-effects. No more confusion and feeling overwhelmed — get the simple truth about food and health that you won’t hear in the mainstream. I knew that if I ate bread or pasta I would get sick and the next day wake up with a “food hangover.” I became much more in tune and aware of all my food choices, felt great, and was in a good place nutritionally. I decided to go with their recommendations, which they advised to continue this regimen every three to four months. Three months later, at my next appointment, she apologized for not putting me on that path sooner. However, some studies have shown testosterone replacement therapy has a beneficial effect on risk factors for diabetes such as central obesity, insulin sensitivity, glucose control and blood lipid profiles in men with low testosterone. This has been termed male menopause, male climacteric, andropause, or more appropriately, partial androgen deficiency in the aging male (PADAM). It is responsible for muscle strength and growth, and stimulates stem cells and blood cells in bones and kidneys. In recent work, it has been shown that men with chronically low testosterone levels have 2-3 fold higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome and have up to a 40% greater risk of death than men with normal testosterone levels. Decreased or thinning of facial and chest hair and skin alterations such as increases in facial wrinkling and pale-appearing skin suggestive of anemia may also be noted. By these criteria, it is estimated that only 10% of men with low testosterone levels are currently being diagnosed. Certainly an evaluation for prostate cancer with a PSA and rectal examination is indicated in men who are at risk prior to testosterone treatment. Placebo-controlled studies suggest that doses of 30-50mg of oral DHEA may produce physiologic androgen levels.
In older individuals, growth hormone treatment improves lean body mass and reduces body fat.
In addition, testosterone may suppress clotting factors II, V, and VII, and worsen bleeding in patients on anticoagulation. A second concern is whether testosterone treatment worsens urinary symptoms in men with enlarged prostates. Occasional parenting and homeschooling articles thrown in, too, because we all need a little help in these areas!It's all FREE, and if you don't love it, you can unsubscribe anytime.
My five-year treatment for estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer (the kind that afflicts about 70 percent of breast cancer patients) includes a monthly injection that whispers to my pituitary gland to shut down my ovaries. Serum testosterone levels in men fall progressively from the third decade to the end of life, mainly due to a decline in the cells in the testis that make the hormone (Leydig cells).
Penile growth, erections, sperm production, and prostatic growth and function all depend on testosterone.
Annual evaluations should include testosterone, hemoglobin, liver function tests, lipid profile and PSA tests.
In normal men, DHT supplements suppress pituitary FSH and LH secretion, likely causing infertility.
However, clinically significant functional benefits, prolongation of youth, and life extension have not been demonstrated. This decline may also be due to changes in hormones (GnRH, LH) and proteins (SHBG, albumin) that regulate testosterone production.
Finally, low bone mineral density with osteopenia or osteoporosis may also suggest a problem. Bone density and psychological evaluations can be done depending on the original reasons for treatment. As with every issue, there are always those who say whatever it is is safe, or at least that the benefits outweigh the risks, and others who say NOPE, the risks are too great.
He needed naps all the time and one evening he even started falling asleep when we were having dinner! He does physical labor for a living, so it didn’t take long before his shoulders began to fill out again.

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