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Replacement therapy, testosterone: The practice of giving testosterone to treat conditions in which the testes do not produce enough testosterone.
A wonderful resource for any woman moving through what I call “the rite of passage,” is the book, The Hormone Cure by Dr.
As I was listening to this chapter, all of a sudden, I started to hyperventilate, I was gasping for air, I could not breathe, let out this loud noise, collapsed to the ground and burst into tears. This is an excellent resource for all women although I don’t agree with her view on testosterone levels.
I decided to have a check up on the bleeding only to find out there was a tumor in my utuerus the size of a 14 week embryo.
So sorry to hear you experienced this, glad you are feeling better now and in hormonal heaven now.
I had been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms starting in my 30’s, with weight gain, foggy thinking, almost depression-like symptoms that had gone on for years.
I was told my total testosterone level was 28 and it was recommended I be put on a testosterone regimen.
And I had been experiencing serious mood swings, I was losing my hair, but grew hair on my face, and my sex drive was off the charts.

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This article helps you understand the benefits, risks, and side effects of testosterone replacement therapy.Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Testosterone TreatmentWe provide testosterone replacement therapy for men and women. I knew I needed to lose a little weight and make some changes with my nutrition, so I started to do what I call “eat intuitively.” I pay attention to how I feel when I eat certain foods. At the time, I was 43, had just completed my first sprint triathlon, was training for my second, as well as a half marathon. Recently I was listening to the audio version of the book and it came to the chapter on androgens. This contradicts what the reference levels guidelines are and poses the question, who sets the guidelines? No more confusion and feeling overwhelmed — get the simple truth about food and health that you won’t hear in the mainstream. As with estrogen replacement therapy for women, dosing must be carefully calibrated to gain the greatest benefits without unwanted side-effects.
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I knew that if I ate bread or pasta I would get sick and the next day wake up with a “food hangover.” I became much more in tune and aware of all my food choices, felt great, and was in a good place nutritionally. I decided to go with their recommendations, which they advised to continue this regimen every three to four months. As with every issue, there are always those who say whatever it is is safe, or at least that the benefits outweigh the risks, and others who say NOPE, the risks are too great. He needed naps all the time and one evening he even started falling asleep when we were having dinner! He does physical labor for a living, so it didn’t take long before his shoulders began to fill out again.

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