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A Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel voted this year to impose strict limits on the lucrative testosterone therapy industry, recommending that the agency tighten labeling so that the popular supplements are not prescribed to men who suffer only from complaints that come with normal aging, like low energy or reduced libido. Experts say testosterone should be limited to men with serious medical conditions—not men looking to supplement their energy and libido.
Although testosterone has grown in popularity with promises of a youthful lifestyle, it comes with serious risks. A man from New Jersey has sued a testosterone drug maker in federal court, claiming that the company’s marketing campaign did not give sufficient warning of the increased risk of strokes or heart attacks.
According to the lawsuit filed by Patrick Miller, Eli Lilly, the Indiana-based maker of Axiron, failed to include warnings about the risk that men who used the drug could develop heart problems. Miller began taking the drug in September 2012 and suffered from a heart attack a month later.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) panel recommended in June that the labeling of blockbuster testosterone-replacement drugs should be revised to make clear that the drug has not been shown to reverse common aging issues like low libido, muscle loss and fatigue—and that the benefits might not be worth the risks. Nearly three percent of men in the United States aged 40 and older are thought to have received testosterone treatment in 2011, a threefold increase from just ten years earlier.
FDA committee members voted 20-1 to change guidelines for who should be prescribed testosterone. Studies conducted by the FDA have shown that the use of testosterone replacement therapy has increased dramatically in the past five years, up 65 percent from 2009 to 2013.

The FDA stated that while symptoms such as decreases in energy level, sexual function, bone mineral density, muscle mass and strength and increases in fat mass are often associated with low testosterone, clinical studies have not established a link. Studies recognize that the risks of cardiovascular problems in testosterone therapy outweigh the benefits. Testosterone therapy was originally intended to address low testosterone levels, or “low T”, in men who were out of shape or looking to address some of the symptoms of aging, including fatigue, muscle loss and lack of sex drive. Nearly three percent of men in the United States aged 40 and older are thought to have received testosterone treatment in 2011–three times the percentage in 2001. As testosterone therapy becomes more widespread, a growing number of medical experts worry that it has become far too easy for men to get the hormone–whether from their own physicians or from standalone testosterone clinics–and that many users could be putting themselves at risk of worse problems than those they are trying to counteract. The studies that are coming out about testosterone treatment recognize that the risks of cardiovascular problems outweigh the benefits. In 2009, researchers in Boston wanted to see if older men who were not in the best shape could benefit from a daily dose of testosterone. The study showed that those who took the testosterone got stronger, but they also had about five times the number of cardiovascular problems, which included heart attacks and strokes.
A recent study of men using testosterone therapy showed an increase in cardiovascular risks in men over 65, as well as in younger men with a history of heart disease.

In light of these studies, the FDA reassessed the safety of testosterone products and voted 20-1 that prescription labeling on testosterone treatments should be revised to make clear that they have not been shown to reverse common aging issues like low libido, muscle loss and fatigue. Studies have shown that prescription testosterone therapy’s risk of cardiovascular problems outweighs its benefits, but a study published this week also suggests that it might increase the risk of developing prostate cancer. The lawsuit claims that his doctor would not have prescribed the drug if he had know the health risks.
Food and Drug Administration advisory panel urged the agency last month to direct testosterone drug manufacturers to further determine cardiovascular risks associated with the drug. Men aged 40 to 64 showed the largest relative increase in prescriptions, from about 850,000 patients in 2010 to 1.5 million in 2013, according to a report by Law306 (subscription required).
And with testosterone becoming more popular, more men are at risk of developing cardiovascular problems than ever before. This pattern has some medical experts alarmed; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved testosterone replacement drugs only for men with a condition called hypogonadism, or low testosterone caused by a diagnosed medical condition.

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