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I thought this was the right way to do it BUT when you draw the liquid back to the very first dash, where the syringe actually starts the measurement, I have been injecting .1cc too much for all of the previous shots. A trick someone on here told me was to draw out the tip amount using a slin pin and inject it all. I thought that was why the plunger had a cone or point on it, helps keep waste minimal and you measure to the base of plunger where it touches the sidewall initially from the direction of the cone side? So it seems like I should avoid dbol for two reasons: 1) I don't need it, as test E should be enough 2) I want to find out how my body reacts to Test E? Here is my protocol, I have been a member in a bunch of different forums and learned a lot these last three years.
I Have a disease called Chron's disease that affects the way my body absorbs food and is makes my small intestines inflamed. Based on the Rocher labs, it appears your E2 is under control, but it would be easier to assess on Labcorp sensitive assay. Another note: Check out those IGF levels-Like a teenager again Someone is having some fun!!
Lab results look great bro, would be good to see a sensitive assay as he mentioned above, however I am not familiar with the Rocher Lab test either.. Plus+ Complete includes soy we think it’s a good idea to incorporate hemp milk or almond milk for diversification. They are rich in essential omega-3 and omega-6 fats and contain about 25% protein and 10 to 15% fiber.

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I usually do my Hcg the same day as my test so I inject the test using the air bubble trick.
You have a good amount of free testosterone , which indicates nicely low SHBG (bet you got a Vit D regiment going?). I cant believeI am spending this money to melt some stubborn fat in my lower abs, tho I have only around 10% bodyfat.
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It is a bit high, which in the case of TSH you would actually want lower for thyroid action. Our comprehensive menu includes Day Spa Packages, Massage, Facials, Skin Rejuvenation, and the most advanced anti-aging treatments available.You can always be one of the first to know about our newest services and products when you subscribe to our bi-monthly newsletter. I thought this was the right way to do it BUT when you draw the liquid back to the very first dash, I have been injecting .1cc too much for all of the previous shots.
Then I fill my slin pin with Hcg and suck the rest of the test out of my test syringe tip and inj that combo sq.
I wish others could benefit from this a well, but many doctors have no idea Testosterone takes inflammation down and actually helps, well my gastro still has no clue, all this thanks to my Endo and sports med doctor who prescribes it to me. Cutting back to 150mg, and factoring your HCG , I'd guess to say you will be around 850ng on future labs (that's just a guess, but I bet it's close).
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The first time I ran it, I didn't get any ED issues, but I had an issue for at least a month with not being able to finish the job. Again, this is just based on my personal experience, so weigh it out with others and your doctor.

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