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People who take human growth hormone treatment may be at increased risk of developing bowel and colon cancer, research suggests.
Scientists say the finding is far from conclusive, and that more work is needed to confirm their suspicions.
They also stress that no such link has been made with the modern synthetic form of growth hormone that is now used in treatment - although it is possible that it would have the same effect. Their finding centres on the use of growth hormone taken directly from the pituitary glands of cadavers.
This was widely used until the mid-1980s as a treatment for children and young adults whose growth was impaired. The researchers from the Institute of Cancer Research and Institute of Child Health, UK, studied data on 1,848 people in the UK who were treated with human growth hormone between 1959 and 1985.
They found that these people were almost three times more likely to die from cancer overall. Writing in The Lancet medical journal, lead researcher Professor Anthony Swerdlow said: "Our data do not show conclusively whether cancer incidence is increased by growth hormone treatment, but they do suggest the need for increased awareness of the possibility of cancer risks, and for surveillance of growth hormone-treated patients.
It is possible that use of human growth hormone increases the risk of cancer by boosting levels of a chemical in the body called IGF-1, which has been shown to stimulate the division of cancer cells. However, it is also possible that people who are deficient in growth hormone might naturally be more predisposed to colorectal cancer, and that the treatment itself has no effect.
In an accompanying commentary, Dr Edward Giovannucci, of the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, said it was important to stress that growth hormone treatment had health benefits. Growth hormone, as well as helping to promote growth, can be used to build muscle bulk, and improve cardiac performance. The Society for Endocrinology and the British Society for Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes issued a joint statement welcoming the study. However, it stressed that artificial growth hormone was of greater purity than the natural version, and that doses were more tightly controlled than they once were. The statement went on: "We believe replacing the missing growth hormone in severely growth hormone deficient patients can dramatically improve the quality of life of affected adult patients, and allow growth hormone deficient children to grow to a normal adult height.
Increasing testosterone levels help expand more muscle, develop your mood, sustain healthy libido etc.
Testosterone booster supplements are normal goods that may assist in mounting testosterone levels. This supplement is available in form of a vine plant that is available in temperate and humid weather conditions especially in the United States, Mexico, Eastern Europe, India, and China.

Tribulus Terrestris consists of steroidal saponins, alkaloids, and flavanoids, and its protodioscins content is assumed accountable for its special effects on hormone, libido, and body composition. Apparently, the chief profit from rising testosterone levels is improved strength and muscle mass.
Testosterone supplements are produced either in tablet or capsule form, and should be consumed one or two times a day. The prescribed amount mainly depends on the testosterone supplement prescribed by the physician. Always go according the instructions provided on the label of the medicine and consult a health care professional. Teenagers should not get into such practice as by taking in supplements may affect the hormonal balance in the body.
Otherwise, also youngsters discharge the necessary level of testosterone per week, so there is no necessity for consuming testosterone supplements to increase the level as it is already in the steady level. The effectiveness of a few of these supplements on low testosterone is still below discussion by a number of expertises in this area. In addition, by mounting your hormonal levels you may practice some bad skin and to some extent amplified anger. However one’s health situation is one should always consult a health care professional before taking any action. Men suffering from low testosterone levels regain back their manhood by having TRT replacement therapies.
Methenolone Acetate (chemical name) marketed under brand name Primobolan is another very good testosterone tablet which is effective at high dosage. Note: These review statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and this site is not affiliated with any health product manufacturer. With its presence in various locations over 70 countries all around the globe it is by far one of the leaders in the field of men supplement as well as vitamins, minerals and other health products industry.
They take special care of its nutritional and supplements products' authenticity, providing truthful labeling, ingredients safety as well as genuine and accurate detailing of the products potency. A very rigorous approach is followed which covers scientific research, product development and formulation and quality controlled manufacturing processes which ensure the final quality product offered to you.
It consists Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate plus Magnesium Aspartate and vitamin B-6, and is an all time original medicine, which has been demonstrated and proved clinically.
Consumers of testosterone boosters have frequently intimated the effects such as, rise in muscle mass, more strength, more energy, Good rise in mood etc.

It is at the forefront of the nutritional science and devoted to improvement in the quality of living of its customers.
Compared to injections, pellets and testerone gels & patches, they are much more popular and painless. For muscle building there are various specially formulated tablets and injections which are effective. The question is, can this supplement deliver results?Sync Ultra Testosterone Formula IngredientsSync Ultra Testosterone Formula has a unique, potent and natural ingredients that will definitely produce results for you. It is not just going to boost your testosterone levels, but this supplement is also designed to help strengthen your immune system through its enhanced antioxidant content.Its serving size (4 capsules) has a powerful 2,300mg dose of D-Aspartic acid, a physiological amino acid that is found in the testes and pituitary glands. Other ingredients includes tribulus terrestis, ginseng extract, zinc gluconate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), riboflavin (vitamin B2), cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) and sodium selenite.Its inactive ingredients include magnesium stearate, flowing agent and gelatin shell capsule. This herb is often associated in sports and sexual improvement issues such as erectile dysfunction and physical performance enhancements.But most men take tribulus terrestris to help boost their testosterone levels by stimulating luteinizing hormones, DHEA and estrogen in women. Bauer Nutrition included this ingredient to basically help ease the absorption of this supplement’s formula, which increases the power of Sync Ultra Testosterone Formula. This is the reason why this supplement offers lesser ingredient dosages compared to other testosterone boosters due to its bioperine content.Is Sync Ultra Testosterone Formula Safe?As you can see from its proprietary formula, the said three main ingredients are generally safe for most adult dieters. Considering its low dosages, side effects are highly unlikely to occur.There are some risks for tribulus terrestris in women as it can interfere with pregnancy and other hormonal issues. But since this product is designed for men, you probably don’t want this product if you are a woman right?Though this brand passed our standards, you still have to consider consulting your doctor first before taking Sync Ultra Testosterone Formula. Slimfy is one of the most trusted weight loss brand online that is supported by thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. 100% pure natural slimming ingredients Elevates your energy and metabolism Absolutely no side effects Online weight loss community Money-back guarantee Click here to Read our Full Review Perly RodolfoThis is Perly, and I am your diet pill investigator here. I love providing useful contents online and I am committed to give you the most accurate and unbiased slimming product reviews for your weight loss needs.
We strive to give you the most accurate and complete information that is always up to date.
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