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By now you’ve probably heard about a “miracle” new supplement called Garcinia Fast which is a Garcinia Cambogia supplement. A paper published in the Journal of Obesity looked at about a dozen garcinia cambogia studies and found that garcinia cambogia could probably help dieters lose 6-8 pounds over the course of two or three months. For the most part, garcinia cambogia seems to be safe, although it is still a relatively new supplement. According to complaints of garcinia cambogia users, the most common side effects seem to be nausea, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea. Like many dietary supplements, we do not know whether or not garcinia cambogia is safe for children or pregnant or nursing mothers. Unfortunately, due to the huge demand for garcinia cambogia, many shady marketers have taken over and entered the market. Falling for these scams is incredible easy and the best things to do when looking at a garcinia cambogia supplement are to look at the label, read the reviews, and look for exaggerated claims.
There are some interesting studies on Garcinia Cambogia but each of these studies has a fault somewhere.

For most, it is not the supplement that is going to create a life long weight loss journey, but rather a jump start to your weight loss journey. Garcinia cambogia might help you lose a few extra pounds but it is not nearly the miracle weight loss cure it is advertised to be. Dubbed the “holy grail of weight loss”, hundreds of thousands of people have flocked to this product in the hopes of losing weight.
After 12 weeks, the garcinia cambogia group was able to lose 2.9 more pounds than the placebo group.
We simply do not know whether or not it long-term use may have negative effects on our health.
However, other than these conditions, there seem to be no other real side effects while taking garcinia cambogia.
According to researchers, it is also a good idea for people taking statin medications to avoid this weight loss supplement. This has caused a growing number of garcinia cambogia scams, which has fueled the debate about garcinia cambogia even more.

Between a small time-frame, small sample size, or unregulated diet and exercise habits, each of these studies casts a shroud of doubt on the legitimacy of the study.
It can give you that extra kick to get back into working out, eating healthy, and see the scale start to go down.
After two months, the participants were weighed and researchers found that the garcinia cambogia group lost 14 pounds where the placebo group lost only 6.1 pounds. However, participants were given no instructions on diet or exercise and therefore the difference seems statistically insignificant.

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