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This entry was posted in natural bodybuilding, professional bodybuilding and tagged anabolic steroids, fake natural bodybuilders, testosterone on November 29, 2014 by Truth Seeker. Over the last few years Frank Yang has shown tremendous improvement when it comes to his body composition.
Finding accurate information regarding Frank Yang’s height and weight was not exactly easy. In one of his videos Frank Yang presented his transformation from 143 lbs to 175 lbs all done in three weeks.
The end result is quite amazing to say the least, albeit Yang is not 5% BF in the end of his bulk. On top of everything Frank Yang was eating a ton of calories to achieve his transformation, but he didn’t gain much fat.
In the photo below you can see Zack Evetts who trained under the wing of Mark Rippetoe and was eating about about 5000 calories or even more every day. He went up from 160 lbs to 240 lbs in about 6 months while also relying primarily on heavy barbell exercises. The logical question is, how come Zack Evetts failed to reach the transformation of Frank Yang who actually gained more visual muscle in 3 weeks than Evetts did in 6 months of similar bulking style?
Reality is that if most people attempt similar bulk naturally, they will end up looking like Zack Evetts or worse.
By the looks of it taking steroids is one of the most normal things Frank Yang could be doing besides playing the violin. Doing steroids and even recreational drugs seems quite possible for people who create similar clips.
While a gifted and dedicated natural bodybuilder may be able to achieve a similar physique to a certain point, the transformation will never be as fast. His videos contain a ton of activities that would freak most people out, and yet he is there doing the unthinkable in front of everyone.
His videos are full of craziness, nudity, vomit, sex, vaginas, cockyness, insolence, self-humiliation, creativity, schizophrenia, Napoleon complex, stupidity, courage…etc.

It’s also worth nothing that in many photos and videos Frank Yang looks composed in a digital editing software such as Photoshop. The progression will usually be slow and take about 3-5 years to finally achieve similar end product. Thousands of steroid users count it as a favorite as it is high in anabolic properties while being low in androgenic effects. There is very little risk of liver toxicity and does not interfere excessively with the bodya€™s own hormonal functions. Deca-Durabolin 50 seems to be very effective for both bulking and cutting and athletes seem able to stack it with many other drugs with positive results in the end. It significantly improves the retention of nitrogen and shortens the time needed to recuperate after a workout.Because so many athletes use oral Deca Durabolin pills it has shown up positive on more doping tests for steroid use than any of the other steroids used by athletes. Another reason for this is that it remains in the system and can be detected for up to a year after ceasing use, although Deca itself is only effective for approximately two weeks.
At one time Deca 50mg was the most available drug offered on the black market, but no longer. It can still be purchased from legitimate sources under the name of LyphoMed, Ruby, Organon and Steris. This is most likely the most popular steroid of all time, except for perhaps Dianabol if it was still readily available. The reasons are obvious as Deca has a very low risk for negative side effects, poses little toxicity on the liver and promotes an increase in strength and size while working to eliminate body fat.Deca-Durabolin pills are formulated to be highly anabolic but only moderately androgenic.
It promotes a positive balance of nitrogen in the body which enables the muscles to use more protein and more efficiently than usual.
Muscle cells are able to store more nitrogen than gets released, increasing the balance so the muscle cells are enabled to use more protein then usual. Once the Deca cycle has been completed the results gained will very slowly diminish if the user continues with intense workouts. If you are in a situation where you are likely to be drug tested then Deca is just about the worst steroid you should use.

Users have been reported to have tested positive up to 18 months after their last injection. This is quite a long time for a steroid to remain detectable in the body so if you are in the NCAA or any other organization that is likely to require drug testing, keep this in mind.
View the best Deca Durabolin stacks and cycle dosages here.Risk of Side Effects with Deca-DurabolinDeca-Durabolin pills are known to be relatively safe as steroids go. But there are some expected side effects such as higher blood pressure causing a longer time for the clotting of blood, a minor case of acne, increased libido and headaches.
There are users who claim that you will still get results by taking less, but many have found this not to be true. If you feel well taking the steroid, then you may want to increase your dosage in order to increase the results.Take one Deca Durabolin tablet or capsule two to three times a day when eating your meals. On the days in which you do have planned workout routines, take a pill about thirty to forty five minutes beforehand.
If you are able to twist off the metal top, it is very likely a counterfeit as you should not be able to twist it by hand if ita€™s the real thing.
Click here to find Deca Durabolin for Sale.The exporation date is usually printed on the label of counterfeits in the exact same color ink as everything else on the label. It might be in black but you should be able to tell the difference from a date printed on the label at the exact same time the label was made. There should be a dull area on a portion on the label where the expiration date is stamped.
However there are some good counterfeits that can pass these tests, so just be smart when you make your purchase and dona€™t take any chances.Stacking Deca-DurabolinDeca-Durabolin 50 is known as the a€?Jack of all tradesa€? in terms of steroids.

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