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The last position I like to drill with a barbell power hold is the fully extended position: the position you should find yourself in at the end of the explosion phase of an olympic lift, and also the end of the "driving up" phase of a jump. Well, it's the last moment at which you can apply force to the floor during an olympic lift or jump and you can create a lot of momentum in that position, which can make a big difference in your actual results.
From a muscle-building standpoint, the extension power hold will help you build big calves, vastus medialis, traps, and forearms, while still being a good way to load the whole body. From that position, simultaneously rise up on the tip of your toes and shrug you shoulders up.

One key thing to remember is that if you're out of balance then you can't apply maximum power.
Simply start as if you were in the finished position of a deadlift, either with a snatch or clean grip. I don't recommend longer holds on this one as few people can do it without massive calf cramps or they'll simply get out of position, which is not something we want to do. It's also hard to maintain balance in the fully extended position if you're not trained in it.

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