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I'm on my way to 31 years old and just a month ago had some blood work done again as requested by my doctor.
Total testosterone seems great, but while not extremely low, free test is a bit on the lower end. Both my doctor and I aren't sure what the second testosterone result (283) is for as it's throwing us both off. I just want to confirm that my doctors decision to put me on HRT is the right move (I'm not objecting to it lol), and what everyone thinks of my results? I've actually stopped working out for the last month due to the fact that these results somewhat prove to me that putting on muscle will be difficult. Depending on the state you live in, some states are prohibited from releasing lab information, which includes over the phone, even if the lab information belongs to that patient.
And yes, your free testosterone levels are low, as kelkel noted, that's really all that matters.
Forgive me in advance everyone, this is all very new to me so sorry if I ask a lot of questions. I remember even at a healthy weight all my symptoms were still an issue (reference original post) and don't believe hormones were any better. Have always had high cholesterol since I was a teen (LDL always elevated my total count) did the partial cholesterol test and turns out my LDL are the large sized so my apparently I'm in pretty good shape regardless of the high LDL count, HDL and triglycerides are fine.
Switched to armour thyroid today as my tsh is actually worse then 6 months ago while on .88 of synthyroid and I've been feeling like shit. So 11 pm I go to bed sund I like to sleep in woke at 12 noon went up there have sample I was dehydrated for sure .
Well #1 if you lost 150 lbs you would feel a LOT better and your blood pressure would more than likely come down. If I read that right, you said the most recent blood work was after you came off trt for a while? Taking more than you need won't help you, and considering your BF%, will contribute to E2 problems. Although many of us started around 100mg of Testosterone per week, it's important to point out that Dr. Although I see where the logic is in checking for your peak, I dint think that can be determined after one dose.
Attachment 132761If you are knowledgable with blood work results, would you please take a look at my results and let me know your thoughts?
Other than that, I would say you could probably take less testosterone and still be in a good range. New bloods after adding 100 mg decca to my 120 mg test cyp a week protocol split into 2 doses(50 mg and 60 mg).

Ive got a doctor appointment today we'll see what hes says but he is the one that says elevated hematocrit isn't dangerous and that is the old school way of looking at things. Well my rbc is just barely above range and my hemo and hema are back in range so I'm hopeful regular blood donations will keep me in good standings. So, the last 2 IM test trt injections resulted in blood coming out after i removed the needle. Second, the reason you're seeing blood is probably because you hit a decent sized vein when injecting.
2) T3 at 25mcg is not worth doing your body makes that much naturally unless you have a thyroid problem. I switch legs every week and switch to different areas of the thighs everytime and in the past year have had the blood flow maybe 4 times.
Alot of people on trt believe that injecting 2x per week keeps blood levels more steady without the E2 spikes.
Some doctors only recommend even up to only once every 2 weeks with test cyp even though I highly disagree with that.
If you don't mind pinning twice a week for life, I say go for it but just make sure you're changing up your injection site as much as possible. I read about the hcg diet and even though i am not following the diet per se, i figured the daily dose of hcg would help me lose fat. As you can see from the post before this one, my tsh level is high and i have hypothyroid symptoms. My test levels were in the 100's when I started TRT and I began doing 100mg test cyp once a week. The half life of test cyp is 5 to 7 days so if you pin once a week in five days you have about half the test left if you pin twice a week your levels will stay more normalized.
I've done a lot of reading on this subject, but a lot of the articles have not really answered the questions I have here.
I would also bet that the 283 winds up being the correct number because of your low free t. I would personally be looking at a full iron panel and make sure you aren't getting too much iron in the diet or have an iron storing genetic disease (which isn't super rare).
They wouldn't let me donate for a year because i had traveled to mexico and i think that played a role. I use a 22g with my test cyp and even that's a pain in the ass as it takes forever to draw it out of the vial with such a small needle.
It's not common but happens from time to time and will leave a little bruising which is nothing more than a small hematoma directly under the skin. If not 250 mg would be the very min for cycle and most will tell you 500 mg per week is good beginners cycle.

But i can really feel when my test levels get low and dont think i have a choice but to pin 2x a week. You can do some serious long term damage to your body messing around like this if you don't know what you're doing.
Donating blood will help with your hematocrit, but it will take a few more times to get you in range. Gordon (two big names in TRT) last year reduced their starting doses to 70mg and 60mg respectively. That's why best practice is to wait about 6 weeks before checking blood work at a new dose.
I've done the whole heating thing under hot water while I prep the needle, syringe, and site but finally gave up on it and just learned to be patient. Because I can tell you right now you're not going to notice many physical changes in such short time frames.
I'm not trying to override your doc but with a hematocrit in the 60's that needs to be your primary concern and continuing to run a high dose of test will only make it worse.
My doc suggested 200mg test testosterone cypionate once a month but I know this would have been a bad route to take as one injection per month would be a roller coaster ride. Also, everytime you pin you're creating tiny bits of scar tissue and seeing as how TRT is for life, the less you pin the less scar tissue you'll be creating. Alot of guys do it sub q with a slin pin 31g however it does take longer and you must be patient. Again, this a mental thing and it'd take alot more time that a few days or even a week to notice any real changes.
You're claiming all these noticeable changes and you have zero idea what your current levels are even at. The blood doesnt spurt out, the injection hole has a medium flow of blood for 3 or 4 seconds. Especially Trt guys they use the smaller needles because of how many injections they will endure over the years it will reduce scar tissue significantly.
Was it after the blood work from when you were off trt for a while, or was there other blood work in btw?
I just want to make sure you're not jumping on too high a dose without time to adjust and check levels.

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