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Statistics on Andropause: The Male Menopause Suffering from symptoms of low testosterone? According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 4-5 million men have symptoms of low testosterone levels and only 5-10% of these men will seek treatment. Testosterone can be replaced in multiple ways by use of injection, creams, gels, or taken orally.
Serum testosterone undergoes a natural daily variation in levels as shown by the chart below.

A detailed physical examination and biochemical investigation is mandatory in a person suspected of LOH.
Free testosterone is calculated from measured total testosterone and SHBG or measured by a reliable free testosterone laboratory.
First, he replaces exactly what is missing or low with the body's appropriate bioidentical hormones. By the time men are between the ages of 40 and 55, they can experience symptoms similar to female menopause, which in men is known as the male menopause or andropause.

The symptoms of andropause include changes in body mass, resulting in less muscle and more fat, changes in attitudes and moods, fatigue, a loss of energy and sex drive, as well as physical agility.

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