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I'm on my first cycle currently and like everyone else was curious about if it was possible to get accurate testosterone level numbers instead of the dreaded >1500.
During my research I came across evidence that the results were dictated by which state the company that you payed to get your blood requisition form resides in and for some reason any company based out of Florida gave the real values. As you can see you can come up with a few different options on what to get etc and I'll try and break them all down so you know what you'll get with each. Option 1) You don't care about anything but the usual female hormone panel from privatemd labs. Option 2) All you want is actual total test results AND NOTHING ELSE (no E2, no LH, no FSH, etc).
As you can see there are a few options you could choose from depending on what you want to see in your panels and what you're willing to spend. I hope this has been written clearly enough to understand, I ramble a lot as is evident in this very sentence lol. The first two pics are from privatemd labs and the hormone panel for females and the second two pics are from personal labs and their basic erectile dysfunction test. I use private MD labs and usually get my blood drawn on Sat morning and have my results by Mon or Tues at the latest. I have a naturally low test level that is in the very low 300s verified by a few blood tests over the past few years. I'm 28, which I understand is young for trt, however, I am experiencing several of the symptoms of low test such as very low libido and lack of energy.
There have been a number of recent studies showing that clomid is a good alternative for younger guys. Those who believe that they are exclusively in the right are generally those who achieve something. It is very unlikely that anyone is going to convince you that diet and exercise alone will help you reach your goals, so please do a little research.

If I have, please feel free to edit my post or let me know to make the necessary changes myself.
Searching by code number didn't work for me but going under male health tests (have to click on it twice sometimes to get the vertical list) you'll see Low T (Testosterone) Profile for $48. As far as I know, these are the cheapest prices I've found for the panels but I only checked a few other companies out and privatemd labs still has the cheapest female hormone panel. Maybe your mid cycle, short on cash, already know the rest of your blood work is good, know how to control estrogen, and whatever other reason I'd pick this.
I personally didn't use it because it was more expensive than perosnal labs but I figured I'd throw it in here regardless just in case. I went option 5 for mid-cycle bc I had the money laying around and wanted all my values (tried t3 few wks back and wanted to see how my thyroid came back). If you're confused about any part of it, post up your question or pm me and I'll do my best to answer it as soon as I can and be as helpful as possible. That's what I got and it should provide you with an idea of the results you'll get and evidence that you CAN get actual numbers from personal labs even when privatemd labs gives >1500 all from the same location!
If you read through the whole thing you should know enough to get results from whichever place you go to or know which places I went through.
I'm not affiliated with any one the following labs in any way, I just found them to be the cheapest and to be very reliable in my research. Both panels were taken the same day, same time, same labcorp location, and with the same 21G needle lol. I looked up their info and sure enough they were based out of Florida so I figured I'd give it a shot. With this panel you'll only get actual total serum testosterone values (not >1500 result) and nothing else. Go to personal labs and get the Low T (Testosterone) Profile, total cost: $48 (before online coupon).

This is a post I made and wrote on another board so I hope I can just copy it here and let the members of this board use the information to their benefit. I'll also give you a few different options you can choose from depending on what panels and values you want to get. I still got the female hormone panel on privatemd labs for reasons which will be clear later and I picked a testosterone panel with thyroid values from personal labs and paid for it. With this panel you'll get only actual total serum testosterone values (no >1500 results) and nothing else. Go to personal labs and get the BASIC Erectile Dysfunction Profile, total cost: $93 (before online coupon).
Hopefully the rest of the members here can out this info to good use and start seeing the results we've all been wanting to see for a while now (except you lucky bastards who've always had actual numbers lmao). What would the best way for me to go about temporarily lowering my test level below 250 so that I would be below this range?
I saw codes for a panel that was going to be run on both requisitions so it got me thinking and searching for answers and now I believe you can get your actual serum test levels from any company, any labcorp location, any state, and any regional lab (though the test for the actual testosterone numbers will usually be sent out to a different lab than the rest of the panels).
I'm pretty sure the results of the test are only based on which panel code is requested and the number you're looking for is 070001.
Also, what would be the best way of increasing my test level, after my blood test, back to the low 300s? I know there are other ways to temporarily lower your test level such as staying up 24 hours and being hungover before blood draw.

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