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Gen X overtaking baby boomers on obesityPrint PDFNew research from the University of Adelaide shows that Generation X is already on the path to becoming more obese than their baby boomer predecessors. Studies show that boomers currently have the highest level of obesity of any age group in Australia. Using data from the National Health Survey, Ms Pilkington compared Generation X in 2008 to boomers at the same age, in 1989. Ms Pilkington’s PhD research covers the health status and health behaviours of Gen X and baby boomers, and the major role the workplace has to play in their health.
Ms Pilkington says turning to the workplace is a logical step when considering how to have a positive impact on adult health.
The next step for Ms Pilkington is to conduct a survey to examine any health-promoting features at various workplaces, and the barriers to and enablers of new programs aimed at improving workers’ health. She says the kinds of intervention needed in the workplace would target the physical work environment as well as the psycho-social environment. For more information on living with obesity, including discussing obesity with friends or loved ones, bullying and obesity in children, obesity and its cost on the workplace and links between obesity and pain, sexuality, fertility and depression, see Living with Obesity.

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However, new research by University of Adelaide PhD student Rhiannon Pilkington has revealed some alarming statistics.
My research has shown that females are more likely to experience this type of work stress, and Gen X has a significantly higher risk. We need to encourage improved health at a population level and really tackle our preventable, lifestyle-driven chronic illnesses,” she says. Our revolutionary supplement combines breakthrough ingredients with diet and training information, on our VIP website, that will help incinerate the fat that keeps you from looking shredded.
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As part of her research, she has compared obesity levels between the two generations at equivalent ages. This is a concern given the known association between high job strain, coronary heart disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity and type 2 diabetes,” she says. But bodybuilders who are serious about getting huge need a special kind of sleep a€“ muscle sleep. SUBa€?Q is used by competitive bodybuilders around the world and has proven to be a tried and true way to achieve a standout physique. We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Muscle sleep is a critical stage of sleep when your testosterone and growth hormone levels are at their highest, and when your body is packing on the muscle.

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