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This page originated as a page to debate social justice issues but I think I'll try to blog more about transition and other more trans-relevant topics because I'm slowly running out of fucks to give.
I'm FTM, and pre-everything, and I'm curious as to what T does to you, and what happens when you go off it? Now before you start throwing away your testosterone supplements for fear of going bald, let me explain what he said. Now, each man has different levels of DHT in his testosterone, which is why some men bald early, and others never go bald. Thus, you can increase your beard thickness and health by taking a testosterone booster and compliment it with a DHT blocker. The most prevalent type of hair loss among women is female pattern thinning, known medically as Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic, diffuse hair loss).
In menopause the production of estrogen wanes, so the balance between female and male hormones tips in favor of male hormones. We’re sorry this is going up so late but better late than never!If you missed last week’s Look At That Beard, head on over here to suss out our interview with the cutie that is Dan Bonnici of Cavalcade! This week’s featured beard was first mentioned on this blog by LATB alumni Dave Drayton as one of the beards he most admires and was also the kind dude who wrote this about us on AusGrind!

SUFFERING FROM TESTOSTERONE DEFICIENCY?Testosterone is a hormone produced by the testicles and is responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics.
A lot of trans guys have also reported increase in appetite, change of facial features to more masculine, and decreasing in size of their chest etc. Not all changes will be reversed, some of them are permanent (which is why everyone should think long and hard and research before they go on T just to be sure). There is a certain steroid found in testosterone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short.
Their follicles have collected so much DHT over their lifetimes, that their head follicles are choked, cutting off hair growth. DHT doesn’t harm facial hair or body hair, which is why bald men can grow epic, massive beards. When women are experiencing excessive or estrogen dominant symptoms such as fatigue, sleeplessness, hot flashes, irrability, and weight gain they may simultaneously be experiencing an increase in testosterone. Compared with men, women's production of male hormones is small, but it can exceed the normal limit. GWLBC want a copy!) and are set to open for Loma Prieta when they tour Australia in January!

I have always been experimenting with facial hair but the first time I started seriously growing a beard was after seeing The Beards play at Mt Hotham in 2009, I came to realise that I had been taking advantage of the fact that I could grow an epic beard, and that it was my duty.
Rub your baby face on the hairy chest of your beard growing acquaintances to further increase the chances that the testosterone in their brimming abdomens will seed your face with beard growing potential.Do you use your beard to your advantage? Jamie Hay for its shape, Dave Drayton for length, Mike Bennett for his party beard and Jaiden Rex to keep beards grind.
When they stroke in admiration and are polite, I do love a good beard scratch under the chin by someone who knows what they are doing. It can effectively promote the flow of energy in the meridians, activates the cells and smoothens the flow of energy, increase the sperm count and strengthens our health. While the human male body responds to testosterone by growing male body hair, including the beard, DHT collects in head hair follicles over time and chokes them. Travel for Women in Midlife Minnie Pauz Meltdown Cruise Menopause Retreat Cartoon Contest I'm so menopausal All Chocolate, All the Time!

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