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The production of this hormone is expected to be greater in number than women, that is why men are masculine in nature since testosterone hormone is responsible for the development of men’s masculine features. Unknown to some, female testosterone also exists and it plays essential roles in female reproductive system. Great balance of female testosterone numbers is a must to have a healthy body most of the time.
Testosterone according to experts is a super power hormone for men for it enables them to feel and experience intense sex drive, the production of their sperm cells and its quality are also regulated accordingly. Good amount of female testosterone numbers can help women develop enough muscles without looking all bulked up like men! Aging women who wants to avoid osteopenia or worst osteoporosis needs good amount of female testosterone numbers to enhance bone mass. This is why aging women with female testosterone deficiency who underwent testosterone replacement will effectively feel better after the treatment.
As the child reaches adolescent stage and during her teenage years, her female testosterone numbers are increasing.
Ample chest size will start to shrink, hairy facial features will start to occur and more that is not healthy to look at especially for women. In addition, it could indicate serious health problems too that could even indicate a cancer.

So if you don’t want to experience any negative health issues, it is better to maintain the healthy levels of female testosterone numbers. Because female testosterone plays a vital role in bone growth and mass, deficiency could lead to loss of muscle strength in women.
There are different reasons for possible decrease in female testosterone numbers and some of which are aging, if a woman has undergone oophorectomy or the removal of her ovaries, if a woman is having estrogen therapy, menopausal or the cessation of menstrual cycle, a condition known as hypopituitarism that affects the pituitary gland and more. Deficient Female Testosterone Diagnosis In order for your doctor to successfully diagnose you with female testosterone deficiency, you must first and foremost undergo a lot of check-up; in fact you have a full medical assessment and check-up. It is said there’s no specific test that can be done to detect deficiency of this hormone. A decrease in this hormone is said to be hard to determine for its symptoms also resembles other medical condition closely the same.
However, some have claimed that a blood test can be done as part of the diagnostic process.
Because diagnosis of this condition is quite difficult, the treatment itself is also not that solid. According to some research, especially in Australia, there’s no existing specific treatment for this condition.
It is recommended that only those women who are currently undergoing estrogen therapy are the ones who can also undergo testosterone therapy or replacement.

Having beautiful physical features is nice however if you have female testosterone imbalance, you will surely end up with a poor health status that will eventually show up physically. So you must make sure to balance everything in your life, including the levels of your hormones. Over female testosterone production could lead to unhealthy condition and same goes when its production is quite low. Aging women needs sufficient amount of female testosterone for it plays a vital part in bone mass. Lethargy can also be noted which means a woman with low female testosterone are usually feeling sleepy and tired most of the time. Have a Healthy Testosterone Level Being healthy does not mean you must only look good outside. Therefore, you must know the factors that could affect hormonal changes so you would also know how to avoid and balance your hormones naturally.

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