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Testosterone hormone replacement therapy for hormonal balance is central to a man’s well being. In a word, andropause is the male version of menopause and can be treated with hormone replacement therapy.
Issues of masculinity and femininity can be touchy especially when it comes to hormone replacement therapy No man wants to hear that what makes him a man and feel masculine, by losing his testosterone.
Since the 1940s, however, research on the human body has established the importance of hormone balance and hormone replacement therapy in overall health. The symptoms of andropause if not treated with hormone replacement therapy are very much like those of menopause.
Without hormone therapy even more dangerous issues like an increase in body fat, weight gain, osteoporosis, loss of cardiac protection, lower good cholesterol and higher bad cholesterol can arise.
Each man’s symptoms vary, as does the age at which those symptoms for hormone replacement therapy occur.
There is strong evidence that testosterone hormone replacement therapy is very important to maintaining optimum health in both men and women. Anabolic-androgenic steroid abuse among athletes and bodybuilders has given a black eye to the many legitimate uses of testosterone replacement therapies.
Biologically identical hormone replacement therapy with testosterone are free of the serious side effects associated with these hormone therapy synthetics. The goal of this book is not only to change the lives of women over 40, but to actually change how medicine manages women who are aging and loosing their hormones. Women approaching midlife are plagued with insomnia, fatigue, depression, forgetfulness, low libido, and a general sense of malaise. The bad news is that Testosterone level decreases with age and decreases as much as 1% per year after age 30 .
Testosterone levels above or below the normal range are considered by many to be out of balance.
While Testosterone is generally associated with sexual characteristics of men , many people are not aware that T is  also responsible for  healthy libido, building muscle mass, and maintaining energy level. Therefore an extreme deviation from the  normal T level should be investigated by a medical doctor. Men who have Testosterone levels that are higher than average may experience both benefits and drawbacks. If this is how things are, there is a real chance that he needs to have his testosterone checked. Here are five tips to help you better understand how this manly hormone functions, and the appropriate workup he needs today.
While it is true that levels tend to decline after about 25-30 years old, actual low levels can occur at any age. Testosterone is highest in the morning (hence those morning erections) therefore men should have their blood drawn before 9 a.m.

In addition, it is important to look at both the total and free testosterone levels, in addition to sex hormone-binding globulin. DHT is the most potent androgen and if it's too high, it can cause aggression, anger, mood swings, prostate problems, and male pattern baldness. EmpowHER Founder & Chairman Michelle King Robson shares her own personal health story and explains why women need to advocate for their own health and wellness!
This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. In years past when men without hormone therapy experienced a physical decline or emotional changes, they assumed that it was just a mid-life crisis thing. We know that testosterone deficiency can be linked to osteoporosis, heart disease, moodiness, depression, low energy levels, sexual dysfunction, and other problems that crop up in later life due to hormonal imbalance. Hormone replacement therapists in are becoming more and more aware of andropause and beginning to scientifically diagnose it instead of simply offering a prescription that doesn’t address the basic problem. Studies suggest that hormone therapy with testosterone directly affects muscle development, fat levels, bone mass, many different parts of the brain, moods, depression, energy levels, ability to have orgasms, heart health and ability to sleep. The negative press you’ve seen reporting the danger of these hormones is based solely on studies performed using pharmaceutical testosterone and anabolic steroids. Research continues to support the use of all-natural, biologically identical hormone replacement therapy testosterone in healthful doses.
Kathy Maupin wants her readers to see her as a friend who wants them to have a full, healthy and wonderful life. Maupin and therapist Brett Newcomb bring vital information about testosterone to the general public for the first time as they share the latest research on testosterone replacement therapy for women and its effects. Low T level may result in a decline in physical energy, strength, stamina, and diminished mental aggressiveness. The benefits, which are modest, include normalizing blood pressure and lowering the likelihood of obesity and heart attack.
You offer some great info here and I’ll be bookmarking this site for further updates. When those levels falter, the guys really feel it and it manifests physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Many of our writers are speaking from personal experience, and what's worked for them may not work for you.
Furthermore, a hormone deficiency in testosterone may lead to prostate problems, poor sexual performance, loss of muscle tone and mass, and the potential to develop osteoporosis this is why hormone replacement therapy is necessary. Testosterone natural hormone replacement therapy in Scottsdale continues to receive a great deal of medical support and the benefits are well documented in a multitude of clinical trials. Their motive and purpose for writing this book was to give every woman over 40 the confidence that she will not have to lose herself because her hormones wane.
She wants to empower women to use all the experience they gained in their first 40 years to continue living in a positive and passionate way.

They are dismissed by doctor after doctor without a definitive diagnosis—told that their symptoms are either in their heads or just an expected part of the aging process. Speaking in clear and practical terms, they show readers how to find the right treatment plan for their individual needs.
Studies have shown that total testosterone levels decrease by approximately 30% in healthy men between the ages of 25 and 75. Moreover, men may experience more aches and pains in the bones and joints and they may also have a decline in libido and erections.
However, there is a tendency for such men to consume more alcoholic beverages, and they are more likely to smoke, and more likely to get injured.
However if you are on some T therapy , the levels must be monitored closely , at least once in 6 months.
Their articles are not a substitute for medical advice, although we hope you can gain knowledge from their insight. He loses approximately one to two percent a year until sometime between 40 and 55 years of age, his testosterone levels fall sharply and signify the beginning of andropause. So, things like hair loss, paunchiness, or erectile dysfunction were either not talked about or dismissed as something you couldn’t do anything about. This book will inject women with a righteous anger that they can use to change their lives. This authoritative guide is bound to be a bible for women everywhere in their quest to understand the importance of testosterone in their own lives, so they can reclaim their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.
According to some researchers, the higher the testosterone level, the more likely men are to participate in risk-taking behavior (sexual, injury risk, and even criminal activity). Anyway its just an additional thing to test for with your regular blood test.It is usually not included in the regular check up so you have to request for it. When this happens, he often finds himself lacking in sexual drive, putting on weight, losing muscle mass and feeling sluggish, depressed and irritable.
As one of the country’s leading experts on hormonal balance—and as a woman who experienced these symptoms herself—Dr. Maupin has identified a debilitating and largely unknown health condition that is affecting millions of women: testosterone deficiency. While most people associate testosterone with men, it’s one of the most vital hormones in women, and one of the first hormones that women begin to lose as they enter their 40s. Maupin’s own research has shown that the symptoms of aging are initiated and accelerated by testosterone loss.

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