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The health condition known as low testosterone, or low T, has recently taken center stage, most likely due to television advertisements claiming a cure for low T symptoms. Though testosterone gels may improve energy, muscle mass, and libido, the health risks posed by these drugs need to be further investigated, so that health care providers and patients can make informed decisions. In response to demands for further research into testosterone gel and heart problems, the National Institutes of Health has sponsored a new study involving 800 men aged 65 and older.
Carey Danis & Lowe currently represents men who have been injured by testosterone gels. Testosterone gel can be used to increase testosterone level in your body but there can be many complications that can arise from it. When I had low libido and a soft body, I started to research how to reduce estrogen in men, and specifically in my own body!
The inactive leutenizing botanicals in the testosterone cream stimulate and increase natural testosterone production and release.
The testosterone patch or gel indeed reverses decline in those areas, in addition to reducing abdominal fat. If you have found yourself reading this sentence, there is probably a good chance that you are either suffering from low testosterone or you are inquiring on how to get your body to produce more.
The uses of Cernos Gel (Testosterone Gel 1%, Androgel) include: Testosterone topical gel is used to treat the symptoms of low testosterone in men who do not produce enough natural testosterone. Apart from the hot flushes, one of the most common issues during menopause is changes in skin.

The gel consisted of micronized testosterone in a vehicle of Pluronic F-127 ( Organogel) and mixed with lecithin. These symptoms are normal signs of aging, such as a drop in energy, muscle mass, and libido. News article, currently published testosterone gel studies have limitations, and thus, are somewhat unreliable when trying to decide if testosterone gels are an appropriate treatment for a certain patient. Researchers found a higher incidence of cardiovascular health problems, such as heart attack, in the group of men using testosterone when compared to the group of men taking placebos.
The results of this study will be available later this year, according to the aforementioned U.S. If your health has been compromised through the use of testosterone gels, we encourage you to discuss your legal options and compensation eligibility with one of our personal injury lawyers today. Natural testosterone supplements are a far better option since such supplements do not have side effects.
High levels of estrogen can lead to you developing a number of unpleasant and frankly rather feminine characteristics. Food and Drug Administration has recently required leading prescription strength topical testosterone gel products to include new warnings about the risks of secondary exposure. Read up on testosterone replacement therapies, both prescription and non-prescription in this article.
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Testosterone is a hormone that is usually produced by the body that is needed for the growth and functioning of the male sexual organs and for the development of typical male characteristics.
The advertisements, like those promoting the popular testosterone gel known as Androgel, point to testosterone replacement therapy through the use of testosterone gels as a solution to low T.
The article mentions a 2010 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine as one of the more reliable investigations into testosterone replacement therapy and its health risks. After all, estrogen is a female sexual hormone and its presence generally means that we have lower testosterone.
Symptoms of low testosterone include decreased sexual desire and ability, extreme tiredness, low energy, depression, brittle bones that may break easily, and loss of certain male characteristics such as muscular build and deep voice. There are ways of managing these changes and maintaining healthy skin throughout this natural process.
Testosterone gel works by supplying testosterone to replace the testosterone that is normally produced in the body.

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