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Whether they're fine lines, laugh lines or deep furrows, wrinkles is the number one skin complaint among women. I’ve received a comment on my post HRT and Me: The Battle for Testosterone from a reader asking how I’m getting on with my Testim testosterone gel and I realised it’s probably time for an update on my experience of using bio-identical HRT. As I said in my previous post on HRT there is no longer a female-specific form of testosterone available in the UK so women have to take testosterone that is manufactured for men.
In a press release issued by The British Menopause Society it appears that testosterone implants have also been withdrawn, because of a ‘profitability decision’ by the manufacturer. Whereas women used to be able to use Intrinsa patches which worked in a similar way to oestrogen patches and supplied a measured dose of testosterone over a period of several days, now we have to work it out for ourselves.  That’s the difficult part. Until recently, I’ve been applying the testosterone gel to my upper arms and shoulders, alternating arms each day, as that was the advice given in the accompanying leaflet intended for men.  But I recently looked at the website of The British Menopause Society and saw that Dr Nick Panay, the Chairman, suggests rubbing it into the lower abdomen. She goes on to describe ‘three torrid affairs’ and speeding in her car before stopping treatment because of health risks. At the gym I was aware that the weight machines felt a lot easier.  I was feeling much stronger.
My partner describes me as being more confident and more outward looking.  And my slightly improved libido has definitely improved our relationship. But, when it comes to libido, I feel that I have one good week a month and that’s it.  The rest of the time I’d rather be reading a book or catching up on sleep. Also, the progesterone has increased my breast tenderness so much that for two weeks of the month I can barely stand to be hugged because they’re so painful.  And that’s followed by a week of period pain, which doesn’t leave much time for the testosterone-fuelled lifestyle I still dream of.
On the positive side, I haven’t had any bad side effects.  No acne, hair falling out or deepening of my voice and I haven’t been involved in any fights.
I’m definitely not turning into a man but I am still tired, and I still have the belly fat.  In fact, I have put on weight!
So, I am certainly an improved version of myself, but as there was so much to improve upon on the hormonal front, I can’t help feeling that I could, I should be feeling even better. It’s been just over three months since I started the HRT treatment so perhaps it’s early days yet.  I’m due to have my four month follow up appointment with the Consultant at the end of February, and I’m hoping he’ll tweak the dosage a bit so that I can reap all the benefits of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, especially the testosterone. If you’ve had experience of taking testosterone as part of your HRT I’d love to hear from you.  How did it help you. The contents of this website, including any posts, comments and links, are subject to this Disclaimer - please read it by clicking here.
My symptoms: insomnia, loss of libedo, constant pain, depression, emotional and the list goes on.
Again trial and error and a lot of internet research as no one knew what dosage I should be on. I was prescribed estrogen VJ cream half ml twice a week to help relieve the dryness, which it has done.
If I could get a prescription for Testim gel from my doctor or perhaps buy in Spain as one lady suggested Majorca can it be used in conjunction with natural soy extract.
Due to cost I have returned to Tibolone which works for me but my body still needs the additional testosterone.
I live in Leigh Lancs – on receipt of my blood test result I will approach my GP explain my symptoms and see if he will prescribe testosterone gel.
I’ve had Testosterone gel prescribed to see me over until my Estrogen is low enough for another implant (when I will get another Testosterone implant too).

He’s a lovely, knowledgeable chap who has worked closely with Nick Panay and is (I think) the ex-chair for the Menopause Society. Mr Mander gets the implants direct from America so I guess as long as they are still being manufactured there he will still be able to get them. Unfortunately, it will only be available privately for the foreseeable future (unlike the gel) but I’m so glad I have it as an option – I feel vibrant again! I am just nervous of tell the NHS specialist that I have bought androfem because I was at my wits end. Early Response Time in Sexual Activity and Mood Following Testosterone Gel Replacement in Hypogonadal Males from the TestimA® START Study. AndroGelA® (testosterone gel) 1.62% is a prescription medicine used to treat adult males who have low or no testosterone.
Prescription testosterone comes in many forms a€“ oral, injected, patches, implants, and gel.
Testosterone cream is one of many topical testosterone products to help increase testosterone levels. I eventually worked out that the amount I needed each day was enough to cover an entire finger tip.  It’s bigger than a pea – probably the size of a 20p coin.
I first noticed it in December when, after returning from a long day out, I suddenly ran up the steps at the train station. The first two weeks I felt so emotional but by week four a bit better so I upped the dose to just over half a ml and wow what a difference. A quarter of a sachet is too much if you are using it every day – the usual advice is to use a quarter every second day.
When I first started using testosterone my libido definitely improved but then after a couple of years it disappeared again. I was taking Tibolone and had been for a good few years but was struggling with night sweats disturbed sleep and almost NO libido whatsoever !
Pre-op I had a healthy sex drive (although pain from adenomyosis et al made the fulfilling of that very difficult) but very quickly after my hysterectomy I had zero libido and have been that was for nearly two years. I’ve never had an implant but it sounds like they have a far stronger impact than the gel. Read up on testosterone replacement therapies, both prescription and non-prescription in this article. Safe, yet extremely potent, testosterone gel is absorbed through the skin directly into the blood stream.
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Though many a men look for supplements and pills to boost testosterone, the best testosterone booster is a mix of exercise, sleep and a healthy active lifestyle. There are advantages of taking testosterone, but even the best testosterone boosters have side effects and should be watched out for.
It took me about two tubes before I had worked out the approximate amount to put on each day.
I went to my gp stating I have had no sex drive for 2years, (I do have a lot of medical problems and strong medication).
If taken in too high doses for a long time it can also make your voice deeper and your clitoris bigger.

I have only been taking it for 3 days so im looking forward to having even a little libido back haaa . Menoserene contains lots of vitamins and minerals as well as phytoestrogens and tesosterone usually works better in conjunction with oestrogen. Once low testosterone levels are documented in a symptomatic man, testosterone replacement therapy may be started. On the other hand, herbal supplements help boost testosterone production without the side effects of replacement therapy.
I imagined walking with a swagger and effortlessly replacing my belly flab with a six pack while oozing sex appeal at the same time. That’s bigger than a pea-sized amount, think more of the size of a generous 20p piece.
However, if you stick to the prescribed dose (make one tube last for 8 – 10 days) these side-effects are highly unlikely.
Anyway i was also prescribed Angelig HRT and just wondered are these both compatible together ?
However, I’m not sure if your doctor will be willing to prescribe Testim gel on its own, rather than part of a whole HRT package, as just supplementing one hormone is more likely to lead to a hormone imbalance. I believe the effect of the implant is a lot more powerful than the gel, which, incidentally, has stopped working for me completely and is not being absorbed by my system. But if it is applied via your skin then you would as the extra oestrogen would then cause the lining of your uterus to thicken.
As long as you make the sachet last approximately 10 days you don’t need to worry about taking too much. Remember that women need only a tenth of the amount of testosterone that men do, which is why the tube should last you around 10 days or so. It sounds like the testosterone is definitely helping with energy, stamina and cognitive functioning – all good. You may find you have more pubic hair or hair on your face, you may develop acne, feel irritable or aggressive and have a very high libido.
I suggest you monitor yourself very closely and make a note of any symptoms you have as they may indicate that one of the hormones is creating unwanted side-effects. He suggested a quarter of a sachet which seems a lot so I’m only using a pea sized amount to start with. If that is the case, speak to your doctor and you may have to stop for a while or make a sachet last for 12 days. If you take very high doses of testosterone your voice may deepen and your clitoris may become enlarged and these side-effects are not reversible, but you’d have to take an enormous amount of testosterone before that would happen. It may also be the case that your lack of sex drive is caused by your health issues and your medication and so the problem may not be rectified with hormones if hormones aren’t the cause in the first place.
The MD decided I should use progesterone, but my hair started falling out and I felt jittery.

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