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Learn about the important difference between free testosterone and total free testosterone.
When we boost our testosterone level - and I don't mean by taking drugs and synthetic hormones to replace the production of our bodies, we will have a sudden and useful increase in energy and motivation to get going with a busy life. Low Free Testosterone Levels Are Associated With All-Cause and Cardiovascular Mortality in Postmenopausal Diabetic Women. Time went super slow this morning and all I could think about was when my doctor was going to call, then finally my phone rang.
So we got to the hospital and Jenny was my nurse and she was very cheerful, which was great. Not much happened yesterday, just rested around the house and tried to answer some work emails. The large amount of self confidence I had just after the surgery is starting to wear off as I know that I will be entering stage two of this. Just talked to the doctor and the initial report is mixed germ cell 60% Seminoma and 40% Nonseminoma. I am also sending all my info to Siteman Cancer Center and will take to their specialist just to make sure we are all on the same page. I tried working on my car over the weekend because I thought I was feeling good, but I think I over did it a little as my abdomen area was real sore so I will take it easy for a few days.
I really feel for all the people out there that are dealing with stress in their lives, whether it is health related, work related, or whatever.
Just wanted to say that I wish my 3rd cousin Jacob the best of luck and I am praying for him as he has an MRI scan today.
As I was walking around for my next appointment I thought I would stop in the chapel to say thank you to god for all his help. Not only will we have the increased motivation, our bodies will have the ability to grow muscle mass that a lower level of testosterone could not sustain. The strange part was that the lady (and a student, funny story that I will tell later) giving it had a very cold personality when they started, and half way though they became a lot more caring. I tried to eat a plain bagel and cinnamon roll, but it was hard to get down, but I knew I better eat something. I have always been a person that likes to have control of whatever situation I am in, so the thought of being put under for surgery is a very uneasy position for me to be in. It is a strange feeling when hospital workers ask you what you’re in for and you have to tell them that your getting a testicle removed.
I was hoping to hear from my doctor on what the pathology department had to say about which cancer it is, but never got the call. We will have to wait for the full report to know what stage, but so far it looks like stage 1A or 1B, which is good. Mastromichalis and he said the final Pathology was Mixed Germ Cell 75% Seminoma and 25% Embrynal Carcinoma, Epididymis was free of any tumors. This is a very rare surgery I would be in the hospital for 3-6 days and most likely the surgery would be done at the university of Indiana which is the home of testicular cancer research. I went to Siteman Cancer Center and had my first blood work done to check for elevated tumor markers. The ultra sound showed a little bit of swelling on the left testicle and a little more blood flow to it. I was driving to work the other day and remembered that I did slip on the stairs going to the basement close to the time that it started hurting. I am not saying that in a totally negative way but it is much like having a child and talking to someone that doesn’t have a child as there is no way to fully explain what it mentally feels like until you have one. My back got 75% better for about 2 weeks then it got worse again  I still think it is stress related. My testosterone results showed a very low level of testosterone my level is 176 and it should be in the 600 range.
I think my veins are getting harder to find as it seems to take longer and longer for the nurse to find a good spot. I tried the testim gel for about 8 months and my level went up to about 400 and I lost about 18 pounds. The important thing to understand is that we must do some regular, short-term bursts of high intensity exercise to truly trigger this muscle-building process. Well a good place to look first is the cause of its slow disappearance and our evolution into an all female global population. Going back about 3 years ago I did notice that my right testicle was getting smaller than my left.

He also didn’t suspect anything wrong, just said that I had 2 different size testicles. Just got off the phone with the nurse and she said my blood test was good; I am not really sure what that means, but it does feel good to get some good news for a change. Trying to drink as much water as I can before midnight as I am sure I will be super thirsty once I can’t drink anymore.
The hardest part was getting my legs in bed as my abdominal muscles have been cut, so as you can imagine all movement makes for pain in that area. My 2 options are surveillance with lots of CT scans, or surgery to remove the lymph nodes .
I was afraid that the positive mental feelings wouldn’t last, but it held with me most of the day. I knew that it was very doubtful that it could be another tumor, or even crazier, my body decided to regenerate a new testicle, which would make me the first person on earth that could regenerate a testicle. Some days are better than others and I will say the the right underwear makes a world of difference  I did have a small rash on the  inside of my left leg this morning.
I do have to say I was working under my truck yesterday and moving my head around to get a better look at things and I was also pulling my daughter Lucy on a sled behind my tractor in the snow so I had my head turned to the left to make sure I saw her if she fell off.
He said lets wait to see what the CT scan shows and that if the back problem isn’t cancer related then we will get some x-rays done.
This morning when I was walking my dog molly I was looking down at the ground at all the clovers and was thinking back when I was a kid and I would sit in this field and look for 4 leaf clovers during recess. Said everything looked good so now I can do blood work every 6 weeks from 4 weeks and do a ct scan every 3 months from 2 months that I do now so that feels good.
As I was looking around I notice a painting on the wall that was done by Siegfried Reinhardt. It is still a shock to me, even though I always imagined the day I would be told I have cancer. The major concern is the Embrynal Carcinoma, which is an aggressive form of testicular cancer. If I get the surgery done and the lymphoid are clean then I have about a 2 – 4 percent chance of the cancer coming back. I told him that the main reason I was coming to him was to add clarity to what we already know and to get his professional opinion on what path to take.
I would really hate to lose my last testicle, as that would make me a eunuch, which would not be fun. I hope I get used to this mental process of waiting until the next CT scan and the results.
Most everyone thinks that it would be very unlikely for the back pain to be cancer related.
You rub it on your shoulders, the hard part is you don’t want your kids to come in contact with the stuff as it can make them have premature puberty. Rhe look at it, but he didn’t seem to think anything of it as there were no bumps on it. My head is a complete cloud, much as it was when I found out my dad had cancer or when he died. Not knowing how bad it was going to be until they got inside, and me not being able to know because I would be under anesthesia, really took a toll on me mentally. There are lots of other types of testicular cancers, but all of those are considered Nonseminoma. The strange part about this option is that this is a surgery that I may have never needed to get. We talked about our 2 options:  RPLND surgery which they do about 12 times a year, but they do it laparoscopic,  which is less invasive but most of the world including the top cancer centers still prefer to perform open RPLND. The past week my back has been a little sore which isn’t strange as I am 40 years old but when you have cancer anything else that is wrong makes you think the cancer is back. Mastromichalis came in and had a little chat about the surgery and what the future may be like. I don’t plan to start researching until I know exactly what kind I have and I pray that it is one of the less aggressive types. After a week, it didn’t get any better and it was becoming more painful to walk, so I went in and Dr. As soon as I got on the 7th floor, I was looking around like it was my first day at a new school.
My guess, and as you know I am not a doctor, is that it my be increased blood flow due to the left testicle making up for the loss of testosterone production from the right testicle.

I think it is just stress related and will hopefully go away once I get back to a normal life (whatever that is).
I haven’t felt that great which could just be this new way of life or I could be low on testosterone.
Since there is a good chance of being cured with removal of the testicle alone, many people choose this path and if it does come back then you would get chemo done. I found the information desk and asked the man where was the blood lab was and he pointed to a area that had a lot of people from all different walks of life sitting around. It has been 9 weeks since I last worked out ran so yesterday I started back with a short 2 mile run on the treadmill.
Hopefully i will get the results soon.  Next week I have another blood test to check tumor markers. It has been 75 days since I started using testim so I am very interested to see if my levels have gone up. They gave me a small cocktail to smooth the edges out (which I really needed) and then it was lights out. This is the one time that I wish I had Cable or Direct TV since I really can’t do much for 4 weeks.
After I checked in, they gave me my beeper and I found myself looking for an out of the way deserted place to sit and wait for my turn.
From what I have read the tumor has to be pretty big to put enough pressure on your spine to cause pain and with the amount of scans that I am getting we should see it before it gets to the point of causing pain. The endorphin’s from running really make me feel good so tonight I ran another 2 miles.
Look like i will have to turn off the comment section as i have been getting a lot of spam. When I woke up, the Doctor was there and he told me everything went great and he didn’t have to dig anymore than he expected. I do have to say that so far (as I am sure more pain is down the road) this was the most painful part of this whole ordeal. As I sat there, I looked at all the people and wondered what mental pain each of them may be having.
It is unlikely that it is cancer, as testicular cancer does not spread from one testicle to the other. I find myself very tired, but when I wake up at night, I can’t go back to sleep as all the thoughts come rushing back into my head. I then asked him if I said anything stupid when I was coming out, but I can’t remember what he said. But then I thought that maybe some of them are happy as maybe they have been clean for some time and this is just another check up. My nerves are totally shot, last night I had the shakes, but I know it was my nerves getting the better of me.
I am sure as I get more comfortable with my new environment I will start to sit with the others because  these are my people and we are all in this together.
It was nice as it added a little distraction from the anxiety I was having.   Soon enough my beeper started going off and I knew it was my turn to go in the doors of the lab. It is easy but I don’t think it works that good and I do get a good amount of redness from the patch. As soon as I got past the doors,  it was like a cancer factory with people coming and going all over the place.
Then we talked about what if it comes back so we talked about Chemotherapy which would mean 3 cycles. I really had no idea what to do next, so I kind of just stood there until some lady called my name. It is a lot of Chemo and you do lose your hair, I think if it came down to that I would just shave it off early as I would rather me do it then the chemo.  So in the next day I will decide what to do, but as of now I think it would be a good idea to take the advice of the specialist and start doing surveillance. I went back to my seat for a second, then I heard a bell being rung and a bunch of people clapping. I looked on this wall and there was a brass bell and it had some quote below it, which I can’t remember at the moment.

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