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Testosterone and its derivatives are by far the most widely used drugs for the treatment of male hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone Enanthate is the most widely used testosterone as a replacement androgen besides benefitting bodybuilders by building their muscles but has issues like water retention and gyneacomastia associated to it. Testosterone cypionate is considered as the most HRT testosterone used for muscle building, strength enhancing and performance enhancing. Testosterone Propionate is another muscle, strength and performance building steroid with associated side effects like those of androgen related.

Testosterone Buciclate has shown to maintain erum testosterone concentration for up to 4 months after single intramuscular injection of 40mg of the pure ester. Order my gear within six day I got it even though there was bank holiday still got them has promised nice one. Where this contraceptive regime has advantages like providing androgen replacement simultaneously providing inhibition of spermatogenesis as a disadvantage. It's possible to find all types of anabolic steroids which are used by bodybuilders and any kind of sportmen.

Steroid users are seen to be the biggest consumers of testosterones for bodybuilding purposes and as a performance enhancing drugs. We proud of being distribuitor of all products we sell, and we are happy to supply you this reliance.

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