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Hormones are chemical messengers produced by one part of the body to tell some other part what to do.
Therefore, as part of normalizing thyroid hormone function naturally, it's essential to have a good diet and keep blood sugar in an acceptable range. There are various reasons why people don't sleep well, but one major reason is related to stress and cortisol.
Thyroid hormone, is just one of many others including insulin, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Insulin's job is to lower blood sugar, by moving it into cells to be used for energy, or stored for later use.
Among many other functions, cortisol takes sugar stored in the liver (glycogen) and puts it into the blood stream. In a healthy diet, the moderate ups and downs of cortisol as it helps regulate blood sugar is not going to effect thyroid function.
Although we often think that estrogen and progesterone are female hormones and testosterone is a male hormone, women and men have both.
If the liver is sluggish, and unable to get detoxify estrogens out of the body, estrogens will accumulate.

Normally cortisol is highest in the morning, and goes down during the day until it's lowest point when we go to bed.
Is insomnia caused by cortisol deregulation, anxiety, neurotransmitter imbalance or something else.
However, high carb, high sugar diets send insulin and blood sugar surging up and down all day. This is true for both estrogens made by our own body (endogenous estrogens) and estrogens we have made outside of our bodies (xeno-estrogens). And depending on what is causing insomnia some supplements are going to work and others wont.
Why would the body raise cortisol, which increases blood sugar, at the same time insulin is going up to lower blood sugar?
Therefore, obesity can contribute to high estrogen, low thyroid hormone and low testosterone. It is too low during the day making them tired, but goes up late or night, preventing them from sleeping. With Propionate, androgenic side effects seem somewhat less pronounced than with the other Testosterones, probably due to the fact that blood levels do not build up as high.

This is not to raise blood sugar, but to make sure insulin does not drop blood sugar too much. This kind of insomnia can be helped by taking supplements during that day that help raise cortisol, and supplements at night that keep cortisol down. Glycogen is more easily used, and is the first place we our body goes for energy when we have not eaten for a few hours.
In my practice I use seri-phos (phosphoralated serine) to help people sleep if their cortisol is too high. The supplement phosphatidyl serine can also help as well, but is unfortunately very expensive.

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