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Recently, we told you that there is a lot of research suggesting that testosterone treatments for men can cause an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, leading to serious injury and death. Unfortunately, many men lose the ability to produce testosterone as they age, and their testosterone levels decrease.
Without adequate testosterone, a man may lose his sex drive, experience erectile dysfunction, feel depressed, and have difficulty concentrating. In November 2013, a study published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)  brought close attention to the issue when it reported an elevated health risk of men over the age of 65 suffering of a stroke, heart attack, or death when taking testosterone supplements. In January, the FDA announced that it is investigating potential testosterone therapy risks. Researchers have long suspected a link between testosterone treatment and the risk of heart attack, though millions of men who have been taking the hormonal treatments are just now learning of the extent of the risk between this medical treatment and these sometimes fatal heart conditions. Another big concern is that the use of testosterone treatment was approved for the treatment of hypogonadism only. Many men who have experienced problems are already considering filing a lawsuit, so anticipating the FDA’s investigation will result in some sort of required warning, we expect the lawsuits to be filed at an astronomical rate.
If you or a loved one has experienced an adverse reaction to any of these medications, contact our attorneys to find out more about your rights and potential lawsuit.

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But among men older than 65, many of whom may have had undiagnosed risk factors, rates of non-fatal heart attack rose as much as threefold in the 90 days after they filled a prescription for testosterone medication.The research marks the third time in four years that a well-conducted study has detected signs that testosterone supplementation may carry substantial risks for many men. Testosterone plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues, as well as promotes secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle, bone mass, and the growth of body hair. Brophy found a statistically significant link between first-time TRT and myocardial infarction (MI). However, a relationship between MI and past or current TRT was not found.The research team performed a case-control study of 934,283 men aged 45 to 80 from the IMS LifeLink Health Plan Claims Database. Men in both of those two groups tend to be of similar age, have similar health problems, and complain of similar symptoms, and so are comparable. The risk of developing MI before and after the beginning of a first-time TRT prescription in the same patient was also computed as a sensitivity analysis.In total, the team identified 30,066 cases of MI and 120,264 corresponding controls. A patient’s current use of testosterone therapy was not linked to a greater risk of MI - first-time users did not exhibit an increased risk.
Until those are conducted and the results are in, they wrote, physicians counseling men who seek testosterone supplements "might be well advised to include serious cardiovascular events in their discussion with patients of potential risks, particularly for men with existing cardiovascular disease."ALSO:Obese at 5?

No association was found between MI and past TRT users and there were no differences among the different formulations. Chances are higher for obesity later, study saysNeanderthal DNA lives on in modern humans, research showsIs NASA overlooking life on Mars? Testosterone supplements can cause serious side effects and the long-term risks and benefits to patients remain unknown.Many men who take Low T supplements suffer frequent, but mild side effects including itching, rash or irritation at the spot where the testosterone is applied.
Food and Drug Administration announced it was investigating the risk of heart attack, stroke and death in men taking FDA-approved testosterone products.“We have been monitoring this risk and decided to reassess this safety issue based on the recent publication of two separate studies that each suggested an increased risk of cardiovascular events among groups of men prescribed testosterone therapy,” stated the FDA.
They noted that no FDA-approved testosterone products are approved for use in men with low testosterone levels who have not been diagnosed with an associated medical condition.

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