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Symptoms of low testosterone levels are referred to by different names, such as Male Menopause and Hypogonadism.
Testosterone is a sex hormone that performs an important act in sex sensitivity of both male and female. Male menopause indicates a severe deficiency in levels of the primary, male sexual hormone, i.e. This condition is diagnosed after methodical diagnostic tests wherein blood and saliva samples are sought during the patient.
Women are at risk from high testosterone levels as well, which come with their own bag of tricks. Reduction of testosterone production levels in both males and females can adversely affect the sexual health of the individual. However, ahead of initiating a treatment, the cause of low testosterone should be established.
Read on to learn more about this condition and its symptoms so you too can recognize whether testosterone imbalance may be the culprit.Research has suggested that between 4 and 7% of women produce too much testosterone in their ovaries.

Hypogonadism refers to various problems the gonads (testicles in males) that are responsible for synthesizing the hormone. A result in of low testosterone is further categorized as either a primary or secondary cause.
Abnormally high levels of the hormone in woman can cause a variety of problematic and embarrassing symptoms.
Please note that a marginal decline in testosterone levels is not a cause for worry and usually, it doesn't induce any worrying symptoms. Often, women with high testosterone levels may develop increased hair growth on the upper lip, face, chest, nipples, lower abdomen, and other parts of the body. This is largely because testosterone is among the most critical hormones among males but it is present in trace amounts in females. High levels of testosterone in women can also result in a thinning of scalp hair, a condition called androgenic alopecia, especially for those with a genetic disposition to baldness.Deepening of the voice.
This symptom may be a gradual or rapid change from high vocal pitches to lower ones.Change in body shape.

While some testosterone can boost a woman’s confidence, strength, and libido, too much can make a woman feel agitated and angry.
More serious symptoms of high testosterone in women are often related to the major health risks that can occur.
High testosterone levels have been linked to insulin resistance, a condition that interferes with the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Insulin resistance can cause adult-onset diabetes, and it can increase a woman’s risk of heart disease as well as cancer of the breast and uterine lining.Now that the symptoms of high testosterone levels have been explained, some women might want to know about the role testosterone plays in menopause. In order to get mood swings under control, try treating them by first improving your diet and exercise.

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