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For guys, testosterone’s functions can’t be overlooked if the goal is to keep your sex and gym lives healthy. Studies show that fenugreek extract boosts testosterone levels through its high saponin content. Let’s take a closer peek into what this product is all about so that you can decide if it’s the best one for you to choose. MuscleTech Alpha Test is a product that will ( it is claimed) help to increase the natural release of testosterone in the body, which then helps you generate and repair lean muscle mass tissue faster, as well as improving your lean body composition and enhancing your sexual function. This product is also designed to help you attain an optimal testosterone to cortisol ratio, which is going to be imperative to assisting lean mass generation. This product may also help you improve your VO2 max capability, boosting your endurance performance and ability. This product has a solid line-up of ingredients including the three primary testosterone boosters, myosterone, rhodiola along with ginkgo, as well as boron citrate. This product is well suited for anyone who hopes to build lean muscle mass or who just wants to boost their workout performance.
This product can be used by those involved with strength training workouts or those who are participating in intense stop and go sports. For best results with this product, take two capsules of AlpahTest with a large glass of water twice per day. All in all, this product is one that can offer some dual testosterone boosting benefits along with some performance enhancement.

It may suit some, but serious body builders will probably find this product lacking in power. Check our recommended 3 testosterone boosters, these 3 products have been chosen due to their impressive ingredient profile, users feedback, price, and in the case of our #1 rated product, an incredible 90 day cash back guarantee – something very few test boosters offer. Read this article to find out everything you wanted to know about this contraversial supplement. The hormone plays a key role in both building lean muscle mass and maintaining a healthy reproductive system. Saponins are chemical compounds that boost bioavailable testosterone, reduce body fat, and increase muscle mass. This function is key in stimulating both testosterone synthesis and protein synthesis, meaning you’re not only increasing testosterone but also keeping your body in an anabolic state.
This essential mineral is also crucial for proper growth, healthy eyesight, and maintenance of an overall healthy body.
It contains a unique combination of three main ingredient compounds that will help ensure that you are able to put your best foot forward each and every time you enter the gym. This makes it not only ideal for those who are weight lifting, but also those who are involved in sports such as soccer, hockey, football, or basketball where you need to perform short, intense bouts of physical activity. In addition to that, you’ll also take in 50% of your daily intake of zinc, which is a known mineral to assist with the muscle growth and development in men. It’s one of the few testosterone boosters that does specifically focus on performance enhancing ingredients.

There have been concerns over the use of Boron Nitrate due to its Oestrogen enhancing effects and overall the formula does lack some of the more sought after test boosting ingredients. Take a look at this compilation of proven test-boosting ingredients to see how they can help you keep your test levels in top shape. Texas A&M’s Exercise and Nutrition Lab observed that fenugreek paired with exercise had a significant impact on strength and muscle increases. Secondly, tribulus increases luteinizing hormone, which is crucial for optimizing testosterone. It works by elevating both libido and nitric oxide production in the body, an effective combination when looking to increase test levels. While others may assist with performance increases through the increase in testosterone you experience, this one is going to specifically pinpoint that. A trial performed on pro athletes saw significant strength and lean muscle mass gains in those supplementing with tribulus compared with a placebo.

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