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NASA successfully tested the most powerful rocket booster ever built Wednesday in preparation for future missions to an asteroid and Mars.
If’n they point the business end of the rocket due west, will all that thrust speed the rotation of the Earth? I’m curious if it burns in the same way that a model rocket engine does - basically from one end to the other. The QM-1 booster, which was assembled from case parts previously flown on 23 space shuttle missions and an aft skirt used on the first shuttle flight, STS-1, in 1981, differs from those used during the earlier program in a number of ways. The avionics (flight control) systems, have been upgraded for SLS to be more reliable and capable. The booster’s additional segment, bringing the total to five, extends the length of the motor to 177 feet (54 meters).
So it appears the fuel ignites through the entire center of the propellant core and then burns from inside out. I’m curious if it burns in the same way that a model rocket engine does - basically from one end to the other.
The solid rocket boosters are used to produce short time thrust in the beginning stages of lift. 1.) SRBs tend to shake the hell out of the rest of the vehicle, and as the end of their burn approaches, the combustion is really rough. My issue is with the SLS Thanks, I misunderstood.I will note that none of the commercial launch companies are using them. Thanks, do you know if there is significant cost differences?SRBs bad, unless you’re really desperate. Yes, solid boosters are cheaper, but have significant drawbacks as well as proper applications. Officials with Hawthorne, California-based Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) are anxiously awaiting the launch of their latest resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS).

If successful, SpaceX will achieve a spaceflight first, and the second major achievement for a private space company. On March 30, the company is scheduled to launch its third CRS flight to the ISS, meant to deliver a wide array of supplies, experiments and cubesats to the orbital outpost.
What sets this rocket booster apart from its previous versions, as well as from all other rockets, is the fact that it will be able to fire the engine on its first stage twice. What SpaceX experts want to achieve is a controlled atmospheric reentry, which would ensure that the booster is not destroyed.
In order to cushion its landing, the rocket will extend four landing legs as it approaches the surface of the Atlantic, and will then fire off four smaller motors.
This version of the Falcon 9, called F9R, will in the future land on the ground, probably at the CCAFS, or at the nearby NASA Kennedy Space Center.
Developing and refining the F9R will enable SpaceX to compete with the United Launch Alliance, a collaborative effort between Boeing and Lockheed Martin, for Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) contracts to launch US Air Force satellites in space. Would seem the body would have to withstand tremendous temperatures without the benefit of liquid fuel cooling.
In addition, the rubber-based ablative insulation used to shield the motor’s metal skin from the temperatures generated by the burning propellant has been reformulated to lighten the rocket by a couple of thousand pounds. The SLS, in its initial 70-metric-ton (77 ton) configuration, will stand 321 feet (98 m) tall. I guess then propellant is acting as an insulator until it burns away, at least to a certain extent. If you think we should not use them, what would you use in their place and why not use the SRBs?
How does this help NASA’s number one mission of making Muslims feel good about themselves? The Shuttle SRB’s are a mature rocket that have had their known fatal flaw corrected.

It seems the technology has its place, but perhaps more fitting for missles rather than reaching past the atmosphere.
Your example is one of those proper applications, as solid fueled rockets can be stored in a ready-to-go status for some time, even moved about, while their liquid-fueled brethren would take time to fuel up and get to ready status.
This flight will enable the company to test for the first time ever the possibility to steering rocket boosters back into the atmosphere following launch.
A short while back, the corporation became the first private organization to launch a cargo spacecraft into space, aboard its own rocket, the medium-lift Falcon 9. The mission will be conducted using an improved version of the Dragon cargo capsule, which will sit atop a new version of the Falcon 9 rocket, called F9R. The rocket section is expected to fall in the Pacific Ocean, somewhere close to the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
Since this is the first time that such a landing will be attempted, SpaceX officials did not want to take any chances with destroying the prototype. Afterwards, instead of simply falling to the ground and disintegrating into the atmosphere, the rocket stage will fire off its engine yet again.
This is also where the mission will take off from, either on March 30, or an April 2, Technology Review reports.
Eventually, its motors will be cut off, and the booster will fall for the last few yards into the water. The motor is ignited at the top and the grain burns from the inside out via the hollow center.

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