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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Monster Supplements Guru Josh Beet goes in to detail on the perfect way to build 'Lean Muscle Mass' as part of your complete workout.
I always find it interesting, hearing the opinions and justification for peoples chosen rep ranges in terms of building lean muscle mass.
The muscle ideally should be challenged entirely; this means exhausting all muscle fibres within the muscle belly.

Bully Max® is free from trans fat, sucrose, corn syrup and other artificial flavors and chemical preservatives. We hope you make the right decision in ordering Bully Max® for your furry companion, so he can live the energetic, happy and disease-free life he deserves. There is no ‘definitive’ answer to this concept, as everybody responds differently to different stimulus’ and training methods however; most people misconstrue muscle building, and presume heavy weight and low reps is the answer. This means hitting heavy weights with low reps, moderate weights with moderate reps and low weights with high reps which as previously stated will challenge the muscle from all angles.

Once you have reached the peak of your upward pyramid, a triple drop set can be used to work back down the pyramid in quick succession, which will completely exhaust the muscle entirely.

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