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The Walsh Family of Bantry Bay - Reese River  - Pioneer Families -    This section is devoted to a 1970 article that ran in the Sunday Supplement of a Las Vegas Newspaper.
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Verification link has expired, please sign in and click on resend verification email from your profile page. Verification link has expired, please click on resend verification email from your profile page. Workers at the Ethel Austin clothes store in New Conduit Street, Lynn that closed in 2011 have lost out on any hope in claiming compensation.
Yesterday, the Court of Justice of the European Union rejected the case for Woolworths and Ethel Austin staff in stores of less than 20 employees to be included in the awards.The trade union fighting the case, Usdaw, said it is now turning its attention to a€?seeking a change in the law to protect future redundant workers from suffering the same injusticea€?. In January 2012, Usdaw won compensation worth tens of millions of pounds for 25,000 former employees of both companies, but 1,200 former employees of Ethel Austin and 3,200 former employees of Woolworths were denied compensation because of the size of the stores.
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We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. The two Barret girls were about Mothers age, and with Lydia King of Belmont, also a former Grantsville resident, made frequent visits to our Smokey Valley home. Barret, mother of two young ladies was a mid-wife, and because no doctor was available, it was she who delivered my younger sister, Elva Tate.  Gradually through the years, the ties with these old friends loosened or were dropped altogether when some of our Reese River intimates moved away, although I still remember visits when the Barrets returned for that purpose from as far away as Idaho.
As late as the 1920s and early 1930s, I have seen at the Walsh home during sage hen and deer season large groups of visiting hunters seated at the long table in the spacious dining room all made welcome.
His 16-room house built in the early 1900s, together with the bunk-house and the old Hess home still standing at Walshes could easily accommodate them all.    Photo taken in 1977 There was during these years, always a cook in the kitchen, but the women folk of the household assisted her in preparing the three large daily meals. A number of Indian ranch hands employed on the place occupied a table of their own in the long kitchen.
Several other pioneer Nevadans were born in the same part of southern Ireland, first migrating to Boston, and like Walsh moving on West, especially to such mining camps as Austin where there was work to be had. Pat wrote them about the booming camp in the Toiyabes and suggested that they too join him. The Walshes settled on Reese River. After Walsh became a wealthy rancher, he delighted to tell a story of his financial state when he arrived in Austin. He said that he was down to his last four-bits when he left Eureka on the overland stage for the last lap of his journey. Here, Pat decided not to spend his only coin for the hearty meal served to travelers ( which cost just fifty cents ), but to save it for a nights lodging at his destination.
He met friends, found work and early saw the possibilities of the neighboring valley for farming and cattle raising. There was, however, a lighter side to the life of the settlers, and many humorous tales are told concerning these activities. Locale, of one such story is the old race track just below Austin in Reese River Valley, on what was long known as the Malloy ranch.
An owner of a fast horse, watching the warm-up of a race during the early nineties, saw that his entry was not being handled as expertly as he thought it should be.
Mike also liked to tell stories of his early efforts when money was closer an harder to come by than in later years.
One of these was an incident of the panic of the early 1900s. The Malloy ranch was only a few miles out of Austin on the Reese River, but through the winter the family lived in town where the children attended the Austin school.
Mike said that his savings were always put in the Austin bank in which everyone had great faith.
However, in the fall of 1907, when one solid bank after another closed doors, Malloy became more than a little nervous over the situation.

The bag of coins he left in the wagon bed, covering it up again with the canvas pretending to have an errand somewhere in the large field surrounding the ranch center.
Here, by a corner post for a marker, he dug a hole and dropped in the heavy bag, shoveling the hiding place full of sod and dirt. They were well known to Malloy and went into the field, as they frequently did to dig for gophers, a sought after food of the Shoshones. Their extermination of these small pest was usually welcome to the ranchers and the Indians were accustomed to dig for them when ever and where ever they pleased. Mike rode down into the field on his horse and engaged his Indian friends in conversation and finally diverted their attention from that portion of the field by pointing out another larger group of gopher mounds. With numerous families growing up there, this ranch was, during the nineties, a rendezvous for gatherings of the young people of the vicinity and, like the Walsh place, was popular with visitors. Bell whose Cloverdale ranch, at the extreme southern tip of the Toiyabes, had been a stage stop on the old road from Belmont to the railroad at Sodaville. This funeral took place at the Bell ranch on Reese River. Several other sons were engineering graduates of the University of Nevada. Two of the latter had civil engineering offices in the boom mining camp of Manhattan during 1905 1906. He was an itinerant trapper and ranch worker, who made a somewhat precarious living at such labors.
Like Frosts Hired man, Wilsons home was the place that when you go there, they have to take you in."  Crazy Wilson was not only eccentric but was known for his prodigious appetite.
Housewives said that when Crazy Wilson got his feet under the table, where there was a good meal, he filled up for lean weeks ahead. Ranch meals were served family style with everything placed down on the table before anyone sat down and this included dessert. It was Wilsons habit to reach for any food that attracted him, and almost empty the receptacle onto his plate without  Walters quick eye took in the picture. He hastily reached for the plate, took a cream puff and bit into it, purposely squeezing out the whipped cream filling. Annie, he called to his sister who was pouring the coffee and tea, take these biscuits back and bake them some more, the're all dough in the middle. It was returned later and passed around with Wilson last in order to get the dish. Automobiles came into common use after the early years of the 1900s, making transportation easier.

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