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Many people ignore post-workout nutrition because they say they can’t eat right after a workout. If you are new to supplements and are unsure which supplements compliment one another please note that many manufacturers offer ‘stacks’ which typically include everything needed to get started. It is recommended that you consume your post-workout supplement of choice within 30 minutes upon completion of your workout. The ideal formula to accomplish this is to consume of supplement that contains high-glycemic carbohydrates (~20 grams) along with a mixture of whey isolate (~15 grams) and essential amino acids (~6 grams). Consuming just the essential amino acids (EAA) is enough to promote significant muscle protein synthesis.
This is because you need to restore the electrolytes (and water) lost during strenuous activity in order to optimize protein synthesis. A Many contain ingredients that basically just fill space, and a ton of them give negative side effects that can negate any positive effect they may have. If you aren’t including post workout and recovery nutrition into your daily diet, then you must start immediately. One study showed that net balance of protein was similar for mixed amino acids (combination of essential and non-essential aminos) and EAA; and thus, it does not appear necessary to include nonessential amino acids in a formulation designed to elicit an anabolic response from muscle after exercise. These supplements should be used by anyone interested in enhancing his or her adaptations to exercise. Also, quickly replenishing your skeletal muscle glycogen stores help replace your much needed muscle fuel.

A This one is aimed at people that are working out hard, and helps to increase testosterone levels, and overall muscle strength.
A It also works really well stacked, so make sure to combine it with your Glutamine, HMB or Creatine supplement.
A Click the image above to check it out today!When we asked people at the gym what they thought of ZMA, we found out that most had never heard of the stuff. They found that liquid C+P ingestion immediately after exercise increases fat oxidation or burning, increases recovery, and improves subsequent same day, 60-minute efforts relative to isoenergetic CHO ingestion. A The first think you should know is that this is a patented blend only available from Optimum Nutrition, and it gives the ideal amount of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6 for people who work out regularly, ZMA stands for Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate, and is marketed as a recovery ingredient.
A Most people agree that it helps you to sleep, which can be really beneficial when it hurts to move after a workout. A ZMA has also shown substantial bumps in muscle production for athletes in the course of training. This blend is research tested, and has shown the ability to increase testosterone levels as awell as muscle strength in performance athletes.
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