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One more thing, I like ab training with an exercise ball because I can concentrate on my abs seriously and it does not load my lower back at all which is my weakest point. In this video we can learn some abdominal exercises which help to get rid of belly fat after pregnancy by using a fitness ball. I have also put together a big list of useful videos and posts about exercise ball workouts.
That discourages me because there’s always hope, and despite the grim outlook you can actually get a flat stomach after having a C-Section. Certain abdominal exercises after surgery can be harmful, even ineffective  if done too soon after having a C-Section. What I’m suggesting is that you should avoid any abdominal sit-ups and crunches until after 6 weeks of your C-Section. You can actually begin exercising almost immediately after surgery but you want to be careful to take it slow.

The Kegel exercises can do a lot for getting your circulation going and preventing blood clots that can come from inactivity. Walking is not strenuous exercise, but it’s good, low impact exercise for your abdominal muscles.
The first time out of bed can be painful, so ask for pain medication about 10 minutes before walking. To lose your belly after a C-Section or any belly for that matter, consists of losing fat and losing fat isn’t likely to happen with just exercise. Jago has created a unique, effective exercise program designed specifically for C-Section moms that creates rapid tightening of the stomach muscles quickly and effectively; and without doing exhausting, intense abdominal sit-ups and crunches. What you may not know is that traditional abdominal exercises like sit-ups and ab crunches can widen the gap between the healing muscles causing muscle damage that could actually make your rounded belly even worse. To tell the truth, I have one but until I found this video I had used it only for sitting on it in front of the TV.

I do it once or twice a week, and I do 3-4 ? 14-20 repetitions of all the exercises mentioned in the video.
I do this work out routine for some weeks now, and they helped me to strengthen my abs a lot. You CAN reverse the condition and heal Diastasis Recti with specific, targeted, effective exercise that reduces the pressure and restores the correct muscle alignment. It improves blood flow, increases your energy, helps get your shape back and just overall speeds up your recovery.

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