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BPI Sports 1MR Vortex - Searching for that perfect blend of energy, focus and a skin tearing pump? Glycerol (as glycerol monostearate) – Glycerol is a common pump ingredient that assists with water retention and therefore blood and muscle volume. Securinega (leaf and root) – Also a plant extract which provides securinine, an active compound found to also have stimulating effects on the central nervous system.
Compare all prices on BPI Sports - Bulk Muscle from various stores and get the best deal on your Protein. Octagon Sports Nutrition provides the essential vitamins, minerals, sports nutrition, herbs, diet and energy supplements needed to build a more powerful, muscular, leaner body.
OSN can work in conjunction with a healthy diet to fuel intense training to dramatically increase muscle mass and stamina while decreasing muscle recovery time.

Among many similar products, Recovery RXTM is distinguished by its revolutionary form which is based on special and well-matched configuration of components. The product not only reduces the recovery time between training sessions, but also regenerate tired muscles and helps with joint pain. The unique mix of elements included in Recovery RXTMimproves protein synthesis and, what is more, increases growth hormone secretion which is essential for building muscle mass.
The newly formatted 1MR Vortex will not dissapoint, with a simple yet incredibly effective list of ingredients, 1MR Vortex aims to dramatically increase your focus, attention and motivation to perform, whilst also supporting prolonged endurance thanks to indigofera pulchra and its pain alleviating properties.
1MR Vortex also supports prolonged time to fatigue through the function of the CNS stimulants, especially caffeine, which are well known to decrease ratings or perceived exertion or effort of exercise. Besides improving immune system functions, Recovery RXTM helps refuel exhausted and weary muscles what is very important after any physical effort.

In short, BPI 1MR Vortex was designed to help you train longer, heavier and with unparalleled focus. The last, but not least property of the product is its ability to enhance aerobic and anaerobic workout gains.

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