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The "more is better" mentality that is so characteristic of our lives in the Western world of affluence is, in my opinion,  the most important obstacle trainees all around the world meet on their way to increased muscle strength, size and performance. In accordance with previous studies where aerobic capacity and aerobic performance were measured (Burgomaster. Figure 1: Effects of high (SIT30) and lower volume (SIT15) training on power output and lactate threshold (Zelt. Practically speaking, the results of this study imply it does not matter if you decrease the total volume on your sprint by 50%; and it's not unlikely that this goes for other sports that require explosive strength, as well. The initially hinted at question that remains is yet: "Is this true for the more popular training goal of getting strong, ripped and buffed, as well?" The answer to this question is certainly not easy to answer, as it may easily depend on your training status, your exact goals and maybe even the body parts you're training. The legs of advanced trainees may need a little more hammering -- Maybe you remember this being the take-home message from a previous article, i.e. As you can see in Figure 2 (right), there is a highly significant advantage of the medium vs. The lower the volume, the higher the frequency -- Furthermore, the overview in Table 1, which was originally published as part of a review of the determinants of strength training success by Tan (1999) shows that another volume-related parameter, i.e. Up to five training sessions for the upper and up to four for the lower body are possible, but whether they're in fact as productive as the studies Tan cites would suggest appears questionable and will certainly depend on the volume of the individual sessions.
The fact that it seems as if the upper body would respond more favorably to increases in training frequency than the lower body would albeit stand in line with the previously cited beneficial effects of high(er) volume training on the legs.
A statement that takes us back to the simple, but significant assessment that we cannot expect to find a training volume that's perfect for everyone: Individualization is key! Table 2: Recommendations for dynamic external resistance training for hypertrophy (Wernborn. If you take a look at the middle column, you will hopefully realize that the suggested progression from 1-2 sets to 3-6 sets is specified on a "per muscle group" basis. Bottom line: I guess we all tend to do way more than we'd need to, to achieve optimal results. You look forward to training your biceps and triceps and getting that insane pump that makes it difficult to steer the car on the ride home from the gym. If you are lucky enough to be born with "Popeye" forearms, then perhaps you can get away with not training them. Standing with a barbell behind you, these can actually give you a slightly longer ROM at the top of the rep than the regular wrist curls can. Use a barbell and these will work the forearm flexor muscles well, giving you some nice detail in a very conspicuous spot.
Yes, these are truly a biceps exercise but you will really isolate the brachioradialis muscles, which are part of the forearm. One study found that overweight men and women who followed a low-fat, high-protein diet for six months lost nearly 4 kg more, on average, than members of a similar group who ate a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet.
When exercise becomes part of our lifestyle, and especially an enjoyable part of our lifestyle, we greatly benefit.
As a personal trainer, exercise is something I love to do, but I know that is not the norm for most of the population.
Often times the simple basics of nutrition are overlooked when we consider evaluating our nutritional intake. Generally I have found that when someone can really focus and improve on his or her nutritional quality the quantity magically starts to look like what we discussed above.
As stated above, nothing in nutrition is simple and the same plan will not work for everyone. One of the things that has always set me a part from the rest of the women I competed against is my winning mindset. Strengths can de-rail you and cause you to behave in ways that are not conducive for high performance.
To help stay motivated I encourage clients to influence and be accountable for what motivates them.
It’s important to get to know your inner critic and become more familiar with the voice inside your head.
Ultimately it is a distorted version of you that you have created through the environment you have grown up in, it is your conscious self. The second principle and the area of performance that I am most often approached about is Stay in the Zone. There are moments in our life when we act irrationally and we later reflect on this experience wondering why it happened, sound familiar? As an Olympic event comes to a close, an athlete will start to plan for their next event, this is one of the key differentiating factors between the mindset of an athlete and a non-athlete, an athlete is constantly looking towards their next goal. On a positive note, if you can visualize your goals, where you want to be and when, and persevere through the pain, your thoughts will become a reality. Whenever I talk to people about changing their lifestyles, one of the most common (mis)beliefs and objections out there is that their genes are determining their current health or body composition status. To this I have to blow the BS horn, because while Genes provide the assembly line for our proteins, which are part of every important structure in the human body (i.e.
Epigenetics is actually a major player in our ability to adapt to our environment over time & eventually has helped shape our evolution. A study from 2004 showed that not only do nutrition and lifestyle habits affect the death rate associated with cardiovascular disease and diabetes but that these effects are actually passed down to children and grandchildren and depending on the type of stressor (i.e. Within cells, there are three systems that can interact with each other to silence genes: DNA methylation, histone modifications, and RNA-associated silencing (Figure 2).
Sufficed to say, these are all chemical processes (details are unnecessary) that actually change whether a gene section is transcribed into a protein, which contributes to our phenotype (expression) derived from our genotype (actual genetic structure). There have been several studies recently that have shown how specific lifestyle changes including exercise and nutrition alter gene expression at a molecular level.
Against that background it's a pity that the results of a recent study from the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies at the Queen’s University relate to sprint training, only.
While there was a significant main effectof training on VO2peak such that VO2peak was elevated post-training, no significant difference was observed in the improvements observed between groups (ET ~13 %, SIT 30–4 %, SIT 15–8 %; not shown in Figure 1).
As far as the design of specific routines is concerned the previously cited review by Wernborn et al.
The three biceps exercise with three sets of 8-12 reps, each, are thus off the charts, already; and you'd be better off doing three sets of barbell curls and nose-breakers to end up at your maximum of six sets per body part (in this case the "arms") to return to the gym two days later and hammer your arms with three sets of hammer curls and cable press-downs. Against that background it's good to be reminded from time to time that "less can be more", as long as we do it frequently and consistently.
Four sets of a particular exercise at the end of your workout, twice a week will do the trick because you are using them as secondary muscles on a lot of other movements.

You can be getting the fringe benefits from other body parts being worked in conjunction with them. Use a full range of motion and a weight that you can handle properly for 12-to-15 strict reps. Did you know that a growing body of research suggests that eating more protein, in the form of lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts and low-fat dairy food, can safely promote weight loss and reduce your risk of heart disease. One of protein’s key benefits is that it may leave you feeling satisfied longer than carbohydrates do, so you eat less.
Lean options such as London broil steaks and extra lean ground beef may cost a little more but the benefits are priceless. They contain more protein than any other plant food, are high in complex carbs and low in fat. Add them to you diet, and you will see the results and live a much happier and healthier life.
Although not everyone enjoys the weight room, and most are more comfortable on the cardio equipment, the benefits of resistance training are so great, and critical no matter the goal. In my teenage years I was active in sports, and as I went into college I transitioned from sports to more traditional exercise.
There are plenty of types of exercise I don’t enjoy, but I make a point to try new things as a fitness professional to better help my clients and gym members. When I’ve been happiest with my progress both physically and mentally, I loved my training. As everyone is inevitably getting ready to start their so called “diet” this week or next weekend, (procrastination is best right?….) I figured it would be a good time to discuss the basics.
Everything we eat is made up of one or more of the following: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Again, these are not perfect for every person but, are generally a good start as I have found through trial and error. Once someone has significantly changed their quality of food I will then have them start measuring and weighing their food intake so we can see what the macronutrients look like.
However, if you can improve the quality of your food intake over time you will likely see results for a while just from that. Thirdly, they are goal orientated and have a plan for achieving their goals both personally and at an organizational level. The 3 Principles have become the cornerstone of Winning Mindset Consulting’s philosophy. Being self-critical and having high expectations is an important component when it comes to developing a winning mind-set. Individuals and teams that perform at the highest level have the ability to manage their thoughts, feeling, emotions and behaviors, essentially they are able to ‘manage the mist’ when they are under pressure.
Top performing teams and individuals know what they are aiming for, they have a purpose and they know how to get there. They will have a vision, which will be broken into smaller goals, a plan of execution and the right set of behaviors in place to drive performance. Having the right mindset and belief for achieving goals is the difference between winning and losing. Figure 1 (citation below) is a great diagram on the interaction between epigenetics and evolution.
You can Google more about how each of these work if you want to geek out on it, but it’s not necessary for our discussion here, except that you understand that you have ultimate control over how many of your genes express based on your daily lifestyle habits!
I have summarized some of these in my previous posts on telomere length and longevity and living to express your best genes possible. 2010), the scientists hypothesized that reducing SIT work interval duration would have no effect on training-induced increases in lactate threshold and critical power. The snatch, on the other hand, probably because it is the most demanding exercise, technically speaking, benefited from a "little" more volume (~ 100 reps per week). Do not use this information for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease, or prescribing of any medications or supplements.Please consult your healthcare provider before starting any supplement, diet or exercise program, before taking any medications or receiving treatment, particularly if you are currently under medical care. Most fish contains about the same amount of protein as meat, and provides iron and vitamin B-12, important for energy. A cup of cooked lentils will provide nearly 18 grams of protein, which is comparable to a serving of T-bone steak. Two cups of milk each day will not only boost your protein intake, but will also provide adequate vitamin D.
Better weight maintenance, increased metabolism, and decreased body fat are three key benefits of a resistance training program. I ran and trained for multiple 10K’s, half-marathons and marathons, in addition to some lifting, spin classes, and Pilates. While there are very many complex factors that go into nutrition, sometimes we get lost in the minor aspects and forget the major take homes. These are the three main macronutrients and our body breaks these down into amino acids, glucose and fatty acids, respectively.
In general the more active you are the more carbs you will need and conversely the more sedentary you are the less carbs you need. I have found a very simple way to do this is to simply try and eat only single ingredient foods!
Generally this is only something I do for a week or two till they are really good at eyeballing portion sizes.
When those results cease or slow you can look at quantity to keep driving the results forward. A winning mindset provides you with an edge over all your competition, regardless if you’re onstage or at your job. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, motivations and your approach to taking risks is key to your success. Another important element of self-awareness is to know what motivates and drives you to succeed. Whilst being critical of your performance is important, it is also important to know that today you are ‘good enough’ and tomorrow you can be even better. Being in the zone will enhance your gravitas, how you resonate with people, it will increase your awareness, clarity of judgment, decision-making and the ability to manage risk effectively. Rest and downtime are essential factors for continuous improvement and it should be included in your planning. It simply shows how epigenetics is the way in which the environment including lifestyle habits interacts with our gene structure (genotype) and alters the expression of this, which results in slightly different possible phenotypes. Specifically, if a father had inadequate food access during a critical period of development just prior to puberty then his sons were protected against death from cardiovascular disease.

People like the fifty-one experienced (>3 years), trained junior lifters who were randomly assigned to low, medium and high volume resistance training in a 2005 study by Juan J.
In the "best case" you're just wasting your time, as the sprint trainers in the study by Zelt et al. You may be plateaued because you don’t have any consistency, or have so much consistency without proper progressions.
Hopefully we can get you to make some changes to improve your body composition or weight loss.
However, know that the lower the quality our food sources become typically the more we lack in micronutrients. Simple car analogy: If you drive around a big block Chevy you are going to use a lot of (expensive) gas. Pretty simple process, if the food you’re eating has multiple ingredients eliminate it from your diet (check the nutrition label to view this info). I really like to use My Fitness Pal app to track because it gives a really easy to read breakdown and can be shared. You can choose to focus on the negative or the positive; you can get stressed about things beyond your control or you can focus on the things that you can influence. Just when you realized your goal and a strategy, you hear a voice say “Yeah but” or “What if”. The brain doesn’t differentiate from one threat to another and therefore reacts accordingly.
Getting Your House in Order is a metaphor for creating a holistic strategy using a whole brain approach.
I am often asked to help individuals with their time management, when I suggest to them that they should take at least another hour out of their time to do nothing except reflect, they think I am mad, but are pleasantly surprised at how more efficient they become by building downtime into their diary. You’ll need a vision for a desired future state, you’ll need to know your strengths and what motivates you to take action. Interestingly, death related to diabetes increased for children if food was plentiful during this critical period for paternal grandfather, but decreased when excess food was available to the father. However, the bottom line is that our genetic sequence (genotype) is determined by our parents & even grandparents, but which of those genes are turned on or off at any given time (phenotype) totally depends on our consistent lifestyle habits and those are absolutely in our control!
Zelt, I will briefly take a look at similar evidence from the more popular field of "working out to look good naked" and to be as strong as Superman. In the worst case, on the other hand, you end up in the deep dark black hole, a hole from which you can only escape by accepting the negative consequences of detraining and resting for a couple of weeks before you can resume your training slowly. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, do not take any supplements without first consulting and obtaining the approval of your healthcare provider.
For example, ounce for ounce, a salmon steak has one-fourth the saturated fat of beef steak.
Turkey even provides other nutrient that are being studies for their connection to alleviating depression. When we’re working towards a goal it’s easy to get impatient and seek out what piece we may be missing. In general we can think of protein as a builder, carbs as energy and fat as fuel to cellular processes. It seems common sense that a Twinkie (although delicious) does not hold as much nutrient value as say a cup of rice. An obstacle can be a barrier to performance or it can be an opportunity to learn and improve. Nothing happens without an action, however action is also associated with risk, and it is likely that you have a deep-rooted approach to how you manage risk.
You can also draw a positive image, identify with a friendly version, a positive advisor, and maybe even how you see yourself in the future. Another key factor when developing the ability to stay in the ‘zone’ is how you perceive a threat.
It requires having a vision for the future, a plan and an appropriate set of behaviors for achieving your goals. Whether you’re leading a team or an individual wanting to improve your own performance, having a flexible and holistic strategy is absolutely crucial. It’s not always easy, but you are biologically equipped for survival, so take advantage of your innate winning mindset and go for it.
Epigenetic silencing is one way that genes are turned off and it can contribute to differential expression. In reality, we may not be missing anything, we just need to trust the process and maintain our consistency.
One side note is that Protein is thermogenic, meaning it takes more “energy” for our body to break down and use. So the take home for the continuation of the article is that both Quantity and Quality are important! The size of the engine in our example cars is in relation to the amount of muscle mass we have.
Their desire to be right, never to be seen as vulnerable, or making mistakes is the biggest inhibiter to bringing out the best in themselves and others.
All top performers and entrepreneurs hear it, but what separates them is their ability to deal with it. Without a strategy you will fall short of achieving what you set out to do, you will be familiar with the adage “Fail to plan, plan to fail’. Avoid failure by applying the approach I share with you Part Four and you will go on to achieve more than you ever thought possible. Unfortunately nothing in nutrition is this simple, (sigh) but this is a good basic start for our foundation. Being aware of your strengths and knowing how to exploit them will give you a competitive advantage.
The voice will always be there so it may as well assist you in reaching your goals, rather than preventing you. Cortisol is the hormone related to stress that helps protect you in danger but not necessarily useful for high performance. Without further delay here is what I have found helpful to start guesstimating total caloric intake along with macronutrient breakdown.
Too often we focus on weaknesses only to become less than average at our weaknesses and then neglect our strengths, reducing the impact of what we are great at.
However, you should also be aware that an overused strength can become weakness if not managed properly.

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