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Craze, an exercise supplement has been found to have a chemical connected to methamphetamine ABC News reported on Monday. The discovery comes from a report put together by researchers from the global public health organization NSF International, Harvard Medical School, and National Institute for Public Health and the Environment. Researchers have named the product "a potentially dangerous designer drug," and unsure of the impact it will have on the human body or what test results will reveal.
Get healthy and stay energized with our collection of vitamin and supplement formulas that provide nutrients to complement your healthy diet and lifestyle.
This program allows you the luxury of owning your own business without the headaches of starting up on your own at a much lower cost than doing it yourself! We can even provide you with assistance finding the right location(s) for you new store(s).
Location and marketing are the two most important factors that will contribute to your success. Once you secure a retail location you will be provided with all the information you need to be successful. We will also show you how to get supplement manufacturers to split the cost of your advertising!

How does this program compare to some of the national franchises & licensee programs available? In that time, we have devoted ourselves to the mastery of every aspect of the sports supplement industry. Our combined experience, reputation and purchasing power allow you to open a store with more inventory for less money than we paid opening our first store!
Franchises and licensee programs typically require you to pay a franchise fee as well as buy the majority, if not all of your inventory from them.
When you sign with Own a Supplement Store, YOU are the buyer and YOU automatically become a "Top-Tier" buyer! No franchise fees, no licensing fees, no hidden or after-sale costs and you order directly from the manufacturers and distributors. Actually, more than one of those companies buy some of their inventory from US, and we have the purchase orders and checks to prove it!
There are several advantages to being a traditional "brick and mortar" or "mom and pop" style retailer vs. Also, many people in the sports nutrition demographic like instant gratification rather than paying for shipping AND having to wait 3-5 days to get their supplements!

Many of the bigger supplement companies will offer better discounts and promos to real stores, because they know that retail stores will never be replaced; especially in this industry. These major sports supplement brands are companies that flat out refuse to sell to online retailers. Most of them have also granted the stores that open through the Own a Supplement Store program "exclusive territories". He has worked as a staff writer for Double XL Magazine, TapouT Magazine and MMA Worldwide (Supplement Guru, Bodybuilding and MMA Articles). He works as a consultant to companies including EAS, Optimum (ON), Shocker Nutrition, Scitec (Europe), and Ultimate Iceman Supplements (Chuck Liddell).He is a well known name in the Sports Nutrition industry and has been featured in several newspaper articles and magazines. With the Own a Supplement Store Program, Matt has personally opened over 30 successful Sports Supplement Stores in the US & Canada.

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