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The Remote Gambling Association recently conducted a wide-ranging consultation on sports betting (including horse and greyhound racing), most notably with regard to commercial and integrity issues.
The principle focus of the consultation is to explore these issues in more detail and allow the RGA’s members to have an informed and objective picture of the situation. The mission of the Department of Recreational Sports is to provide safe and inclusive activities that promote a healthy and physically active lifestyle while developing social, leadership, and other life skills which will enrich the education of our students and the campus community.
The Outdoor Program grants students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in outdoor pursuits such as surfing, camping, rock climbing, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking. My Journey to Create the Most Usable Keyword Research Tool, Long Tail Pro, and a special discount on it for you!
Learn the Best Subreddits that allowed us to get 10,000 pageviews in less than 2 weeks from Reddit! Actually, I know how much I appreciate it when someone has written a detailed blog post for a process that I am hoping to learn, so I hope to accomplish that today about comparison tables! Before I jump into the nuts and bolts of how to create a comparison table, I want to review WHY you would want a comparison table. When people are searching to buy something, they want information and they want to be able to compare different options.  The easiest way to compare the pros and cons of different products for many people is to have a list of all the top products along with prices, reviews, features, and more right in front of them on one page.
Once you have done your research to find what PRODUCTS to compare, you should already have a good idea of what FEATURES to compare.
Try to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think about what features are most important to consider.
So, now that you know what information you want in your chart, you need to actually start creating it! I am going to review 2 different plugins that I’m aware of that will allow you to create these comparison charts for free. However, for my survival knife site, you can see that I used EasyAzon for the links in my chart.
You are an affiliate of theirs, trying to promote their products.  But if you want to do your own research, I highly encourage you to do so. Then finally just add whatever Text you want, and you have built your link.  Now just do that for every product in your table!
Yep, its time consuming, but the few hours you will spend building your table, will make your site more useful than most niche sites out there. In other words, if I want to have a pop-up when users hover over the images in my table, or make my links no-follow, or cloak my links, or other options; I can do that directly in the EasyAzon management panel, without ever touching my links. Once you have the image URL you want, just combine it with the affiliate link you created, and insert the code into your table.  Rinse and repeat for all products! Again, the only real downside of getting your links directly from Amazon, is that if you decide to change how your links act, you would need to go back and edit each individually.  This is not the case with EasyAzon. Chris Guthrie, the owner of EasyAzon, has agreed to give my readers a special $20 discount on EasyAzon that you can get anywhere else right now.

I know of at least one other table plugin for WordPress, and there are likely many others.  Go Responsive is not a free plugin, but it does offer a lot of interesting options that can help create a professional looking and responsive table. Overall, I hope that the great detail provided here on how to create your very own comparison table for your niche site is helpful!  When creating a niche site, I think it is important to create as much value as possible to the end user, and one way to to do that is to create a well-researched table of the top products in your chosen niche. I would love to hear your thoughts!  If you have any input that you would like to add to the process, please let us know.  I look forward to the discussion below. And I’m excited to share that my niche site I launched in late July is going to make about $1500 in December! Also, thanks to Spencer for answering my email (within probably 10 minutes) asking about which plugin he used to create the table. I don’t use TablePress but I heard that there is a plugin that will make the tables responsive too.
As for those other columns, it’s important to note this is AT LEAST as important from a content side of things. Also, Tablepress is a shortcode-friendly plugin – in other words, you can reuse the same table in other posts or pages if you deem it helpful. So to everyone that suggested it would be nice to make it easier, we’ve heard you + still have a lot of things planned for EasyAzon. I guess it would be nice to have an all inclusive amazon plugin suite with easyazon including all these features. It would be great if we could set up one main product table to start, then be able to list sub tables on some pages based on one feature or aspect without having to create new tables and enter the info from scratch each time. Definitely, that’s a great point about why you should use EasyAzon links rather than straight Amazon links.
I created tables like this before but the image link would be sliced in half somehow because of the column widths…and now, months later, I can finally fix it!
Been a lurker on your website for best part of a year now, and have been deep in experimentation trying to get my brain around the detail.
Question I have is, I’ve been sending traffic to Amazon from PPC and organic via niche sites, and found that I could generate quite a lot of hits by listing out individual products.
But is there a reliable way to hack up the URL from Amazon for any ASIN, so you can shortcut the product search step?
I have a lot to say about the various sports that I watch and follow so if you want my take on what is going on in my favorite sports or with my favorite teams, keep me in mind and keep watching for my updated posts. If you continue, we'll assume you are happy for your web browser to receive all cookies from our website. This has been response to an increasing focus on the sports betting issue, notably by some EU Member States and sporting organisations in recent years.
It is our intention to identify ways in which the relationship with national and international sporting organisations might usefully be developed. Intramural sports are open to all currently enrolled students as well as TAMUG faculty and staff.

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Two options that you should almost always have in your chart are price and ratings.  People always want to know how much something costs and how well its been rated by others. If I ever want to change how users interact with my affiliate links, I can do it without actually changing any of the links.  This is not true when you create links directly in Amazon Associates. It will really be helpful for me when I will start working with my niche site, I’m still in learning curve! I think that research phase is definitely VERY important if you want users to actually get value from your chart and use it how you want them to.
I’m not sure how far you are with it or how set you are on how it will work but can I make a suggestion?
I do like the TablePress, which is what I use but the paid(Go – Responsive) looks very impressive.
I think that I might start using a Virtual Assistant for these kinds of tasks and use your post to show them how to do it. A little tip for some of the people reading this is if you do use the tablepress plugin that Spencer used for his site and you don’t like the color, you can change it.
After 7 months of keeping my thoughts on sports to myself I have decided to start back with my sports blog.
The main international sporting organisations, such as the IOC and FIFA, have been approached to respond to the consultation, as have all of the EU’s Member States and a number of other interested parties. The consultation ran from 1 July until 14 August 2009 and was followed by oral consultations with selected parties. I also figured out how to use it in conjunction with EasyAzon, which saves a ton of time, compared to doing the links manually with Amazon.
Chris Guthrie has so many great Amazon tools and plugins, perhaps he (or somebody else) should create a plugin that makes this whole process simpler and faster.
I did not like the light blue when I used it for my site, and now I have a nice match with the color of my logo and it looks much much better. Say if you wanted a multi-column, multi-row table of just images that linked to Amazon products, could you do that? If you are interested in any of my posts before 2010 you can find a link to my SportsGuru archives in the right hand column.

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