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The authors of this study reviewed the literature and found this mantra to be well-proven, but only when exercise was repeated again within eight hours.
Another hallowed purpose of the post-exercise meal is to promote anabolic muscle growth and prevent the catabolic tissue destruction that can follow a workout.
The authors don’t quite succeed in destroying the perceived necessity of post-workout nutrition.
Aultman Weight Management offers a sports nutrition program which includes an individual consultation with a registered dietitian. It flies in the face of everything we call holy, including Sunday afternoon cookies at grandma’s house, and possibly even Jesus. Those who trained only once per day were getting adequate glycogen recovery, but the recovery was spread over many hours.

This session will provide you with a sports nutrition plan based on the unique nutritional requirements of your sport, competition or health goals.
And starting the process with a post-workout meal seemed to be irrelevant, as long as total caloric needs were met during the next 24 hours. However, post-workout meals may only be helping when pre-workout nutrition is already inadequate.
But they do succeed in illuminating the fact that pre-workout nutrition and total caloric intake are equally important factors.
Most strength workouts encompass far more volume, and can deplete glycogen even more severely. Previous studies have shown conflicting results on whether post-workout protein consumption jump-starts muscular growth.

Refueling lost glycogen is critical to your next training session, and the two hours after your workout has traditionally been taught as the most critical time to start this process. Countless studies show that consuming a protein and carbohydrate mix post-workout is the optimal solution. But for athletes who train once per day, get adequate calories throughout the day, and ensure they consume a solid pre-workout meal, that hallowed two-hour window to suck down a protein shake may not be as important as we once thought.

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