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The truth is that sports nutrition products is a concentrate of the usual food, purified with ┬áthe latest modern technology from ballast substances and other unwanted components. Sports nutrition – it is not the main meal, but a special food supplement, which should not exceed 30% of the diet. Do not forget that the protein is a building material for the entire body including the muscles. In conditions of inadequate protein intake, lack of vitamins and minerals, deficiency of calories for athletes is characterized by the following side effects: high blood pressure, low coefficient of endurance, decreased functional reserve of the cardiovascular system, reducing the coefficient of efficiency of blood circulation, stress, etc. The fact is that adding a sports nutrition in your diet, you reduce the cost of conventional products, and get much more benefit.

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For example, in the protein are kept to a minimum amount of carbohydrates and fats, if talking about carbohydrate drinks – the number of proteins and fats. This is concerned especially to people who practice sport inherent to weight regulation such as bodybuilding. All this not only hinders the achievement of sports results, but also has adverse effects on overall health. In supplements are highlighted substances that if consumed in time help on quick recovery and enhance performance (complex amino acids, BCAA, creatine, glutamine, vitamins and minerals, etc.).

Vitamins and minerals plays an important role, as with natural products covered only 60% of needs of the organism, making it difficult to function optimally. As you know, the usage only of natural products to achieve this ratio is almost impossible.

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