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Below are some example meal plans for athletes that would like to gain weight, tailored to a typical high school schedule, based on caloric targets. Green indicates optimal D1 football recruit height and weight for a given positionWater Needs and Activity:During physical activity, water has many important functions.
It serves to cool the body, maintain adequate blood flow to working muscles and allow for the body's basic functions to continue to work. In fact, less than 1% of all high school football players are offered a scholarship to play football at a Division 1 program. Then monitor weight changes and the color of your urine to determine your own fluid needs following activity.

Below are two growth chart assuming 15% annual weight growth and approximately 1 inch of height growth per year and 10% weight growth per year. For elite athletes, such as marathon runners or triathletes, energy needs are often as high as 3,000 to 5,000 calories per day. Since this may not be practical in some situations, weigh yourself before and after an activity, when you have access to a scale and use this as a basic guide.The best replenishment drink is water. Once the body's carbohydrate stores are depleted, muscle protein is broken down for energy. In general, be sure you are consuming adequate calories by eating at least the lower end of the recommended range.

Take seconds and thirds when possible if you are trying to gain weight.Eat protein throughout the day.
If drinking a 100 gram protein shake only 50 grams can be counted during one sitting because its predigested protein that can be utilized immediately.

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