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Aultman Weight Management offers a sports nutrition program which includes an individual consultation with a registered dietitian. Sports Nutrition with Ben Greenfield: Fat-Adapted Ironman Fueling, Can Too Much Vit D Be Bad, Meaning of 'Low Carb,' LCHF Homemade Cereals, AM vs. On this show, our buddy Ben Greenfield is back from Navy Seal Hell Week (for civilians) to answer your sport nutrition related questions, comment on our latest episode with Matt Fitzgerald… and much more!
Training in the evenings vs mornings — bonking in the evening but totally fine in the morning, why?

Qld Discount Vitamins is your first port of call for Sport Nutrition, many claim to know what is correct and will push protein in front of you and say this is what you need. I see it over and over again, customers will pop in and pretty much in these exact words “Company A told me to but Product B” Did they explain why? This session will provide you with a sports nutrition plan based on the unique nutritional requirements of your sport, competition or health goals. There are a list of questions needed to get the right answer when understanding each and every customers goal and for that matter nutritional requirements.

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