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It can be used for the presentation of your product on the site, for the presentation label to the customer or something else .. Regular supplementation with Smart Blend ensures a more balanced lipid pool required for optimal whole body balance and function.

The affects of our Standard American Diet (SAD) have created an in-balance in this pool and have translated into a myriad of dysfunctional system performance (ie.
This precision mixture of omega-3 lipids (EPA and DHA) provide the necessary amounts to balance our bodies for optimal form and function.Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a naturally occurring nutrient found in milk, cheese and beef. Research has indicated that CLA exerts a portioning effect on protein and most importantly, fat metabolism.
CLAs metabolic activity has clinically shown to promote increases in lean muscle mass as well as reducing body fat. Uniquely enough, CLA also enhances immune health, antioxidant status and supports normal cholesterol levels.

Good prostaglandins support cardiovascular, joint and immune health, elicits powerful antioxidant activity as well as promotes healthy blood glucose and blood pressure levels. Smart Blend provides optimal support for reducing body fat, increasing muscle tissue recovery, balancing hormone (such as testosterone and insulin) production and promoting optimal immune and cardiovascular health.

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