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Having been obese all my life, yo-yoing 12 times with extreme swings of weight gain and loss, I've resented the global social culture for embracing thin.
So I understand how such a "thinspiration" movement IS FASHIONABLE amongst young women and many women who recognize all too horrifically how the culture treats fatties. Taken from a Twitter site I stumbled upon: there is a reference made to being thin enough for a belly ring.
Only if we change the culture so that outer appearance doesn't matter, so that being thin is not equated with beautiful, so that being BMI 18.5 is not equated with an abundant life, can we stem the need for "thinspiration" woman.
I never went for the diet stuff even though I gained a little every year, ending up at just over 200 pounds. I am glad to be a large woman as I was slim when I was a young adult, due to my metabolism. Wow this is such a wonderful and thought provoking discussion that more people need to be involved in. All of the comment show that 90% of you have so many issues with live not just your weight. These days, so many activities are described as extreme, and unfortunately dieting is not exempt from this categorization. The hour long program is the conceptual inverse of Super Size Me, instead of eating and eating these women diet, fast, and exercise, exercise, exercise. Even more interesting than the actual dieting is the epilogue of the show when we catch up with the journalists two weeks and five weeks after their experiment is over.
This hour-long program really hammers home how unhealthy, both mentally and physically, extreme dieting truly is. There is really no reason for a woman to weight more than 99 pounds (7 stone 1 or 45 kilograms) was an American well-known saying about 100 years ago.
It is often driven by wrong inspiring examples given by models like Twiggy or Kate Moss and celebrities like Victoria Beckham. This just came on again last night and it was so amazingly shocking and sad to see the decline that happened to the second journalist.
I'm also sure that there will be girls watching the program taking notes and I'm not sure which one is worse. Having struggled with an purging disorder for 13 years, i look at celebrities who rush to lose baby fat and diet till they lose thier youth and beauty and just cringe.
The scary thing is that I've seen documentaries similar to this (the one I referenced in my other comment) and some of the things she says and thinks sound way to familiar. I think that 'regular' people who are looking to lose weight may look at super skinny people and be envious of their self control and will power more than their bones.
To be brutually honest and put myself out there a little bit, when I had weight issues, I felt superior to other women because I felt I had more will power and self control.
Maybe all clothes should come in vanity sizing then women would be happy dropping several sizes without doing anything! I'm so ashamed, but I think on the pictures here, I think the skinnier picture looks better.
Family support: Matthew's pregnant wife Camila Alves was spotted out today in NYC with their children Levi and VidaShowbiz roundup!
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In my mind I've racked myself with envy of skinny bitches for their beauty and apparent fullness of life. These young girls, like their mentors in the media, crave to be beautiful on a galactic scale so that it hurts the viewers' eyes. And who are we to judge, condemn, criticize IF we live in this culture that celebrates such an existence? If one wants to look like the beauties in the media that are prized, lauded and celebrated. If enough women, with celebrities in the forefront stand up and refuse to be oppressed and enslaved by a soul annihilating culture which fosters the appearance of dealth-like skeletal women and touts them as goddesses of life, will the earth's axis tilt toward health, freedom and emotional balance. With the life I lead, if a diet even mentioned eat right and exercise and this pill or whatever will help you melt the pounds off, I knew it was all bogus. The thing that is sad is that I got if from a live Twitter feed of anorexics that I stumbled upon. As the father of a young woman who is conscious of her image, I can only agree with your assessment.

It is immoral to starve oneself, it seems, by choice for appearance sake though one has money to eat. This is one of the reasons why I am starting out with children and helping caregivers provide their children with a foundation in healthy eating, an enjoyment of getting their bodies moving( not just exercise ) and developing a healthy self esteem and self confidence.I am really hoping and praying that this preventive method will create happy, fit, smart and confident adults that will not feel the need to be presssured by the constant bombarding of images that are not healthy to obtain or maintain.
Two British journalists decided to explore the realities of extreme dieting by subjecting themselves to the techniques used by celebs, and they captured the highlights of their journey (or demise) on film for the BBC documentary Super-Skinny Me: The Race to Size Zero. These women work so very hard to drop enough weight to fit into UK size zero, the equivalent of a US size four, and they have six weeks to reach their super-skinny goal.
The pounds return quickly for one woman, perfectly illustrating the dangers of yo-yo dieting and the other journalist is still wrestling with her food issues. I do fear some women will still find the final super-skinny results appealing and block out the dangers of this type of dieting. The average height of a woman has increased by about 6 inches or 15 centimeters (cm) since that time but the goal concerning the weight still seems to be in effect. Furthermore the apparel industry is promoting that issue by developing smaller clothing sizes. I never looked at them and said "i want to be like them" but i did look at them and say "wow they have alot of control" and wanted that too. I am far from anorexic at 5'1" and 128lbs, and to me, muscle is more important than being stick thin, but I get that feeling of superiority sometimes when everyone is eating doughnuts and I stick to my oatmeal. I mean models still get insecure about they're bodies, when these people reach they're goal - then what? For example, the ethics of medicine require that physicians show consideration, compassion and benevolence for their patients. Underneath the caption reads, "I want to be this thin." On many media sites #thinspo represents the "Thinspiration" movement.
To produce that result, since it is not necessarily the appearance of the face but "the uber thin body that is deemed beautiful," they deny themselves highly caloric foods, i.e. They've seen how the fat kids are drubbed to the outer abyss, their egos so flogged they are shell shocked and debilitated for life. If enough celebrities and others decry the industrial food complex that promotes overeating and obesity with a legion of unhealthy, cheap food product, will wellness be restored and the alignment toward health be made.
Then my girlfriend who was well over 300 pounds tried this hcg stuff (she did the shots cause that's what was out first). I too have struggled with my weight my entire life, and sometimes I think it's just in our genes. The peculiar thing, from a male point of view, is that we, as men, rarely find skinny women as attractive as those with some curves and flesh to cover their bones. On the other the culture of thin which promotes #thinspo and anorexia and eating disorders. What I did not realize at that age was that I was nearly half a foot taller than these girls. I could understand if it were for religious or political reasons to force powers to relent, much like Gandhi did, but in this way it's an irony as you said and very sad. They try the Master Cleanse (aka lemonade diet), protein shakes, watercress soup with nothing else, and colonics (the scene is actually quite graphic and very unglamorous). I would never, ever let on that I feel that way because it's none of my business, but if I'm being honest, it is something I think about. Besides watching another documentary similar to this (Louise Redknapp In The Truth About Size Zero), where the woman goes from a UK-8 (US-4) to a UK-4 (US-0) and all of the size charts you can check on the web, it also makes sense.
Now, after dealing with this I feel guilty for feeling that way, and realize that I was the one with problems, not everyone else. Young women post pictures of themselves, often without their faces, just their slender, lovely bodies in a secret and conspiratorial cult of skeletal waifness.
The intent becomes a fait accompli because you never weigh yourself to get a baseline to begin, putting off the diet until a tomorrow that never comes. I do not dispute what these young women have been compelled, almost to the extent of slavery to do. Comment after comment of young men thought she was stunning and seeing the bones were great.
Then maybe, just maybe will  nutritious, non-processed, fresh and locally sourced food, (expensive and made to appear unappealing by the food complex) become more in demand and thus cheaper. It took several rounds (don't know how many), and some frustrating stalls, but she is now loads healthier and somewhere around 150 pounds.

Pinterest is banning such pins this week, but I really don't know how they are going to police the ban.
Is there any way this blog site can be kept open and others brought to it (our WOW blogging class???) Are you hearing from the others? For me it has been a terrible frustration.But I am so proud of you changing your eating patterns and habits and becoming healthier and embracing good nutrition. This extreme relationship to food truly disrupts their lives and relationships, and one becomes borderline bulimic; although, I do believe the supervising physician does a good job of intervening. The misery of a fat woman is to sorrowfully wallow in fat denial, while overeating to mute the pain of guilt. They sample a few small bites of steak and four green beans to maintain their size zero skin tight jeans figure. And just maybe this elixir of life and wholeness will inspire the overweight and obese to trend healthy weight loss. Levis Germany is offering a "Super-Skinny Highwaist Jeans 673" which requires a waistline between 21 and 22 inches (53 and 56 cm) according to their fitting guide.
I'm not anorexic but I could stand to lose 15-20 lbs, and I wonder if this won't cause many other people to feel the same way.
They have no fat rolls, fat back, bulbous, sweat rubbing thighs, ungainly balloon boobs or crinkles of cellulite.
Everywhere we turn, junk food and fast food restaurants corner us with fare that's cheap, plentiful, in your face delicious, highly caloric, and deadly for a woman's happiness quotient. And just maybe will we be able to expurgate corruption, modify our culture and shift the paradigm so that right is right, black is black, white is white.
Anyway, weightloss wasn't her only success with hcg but all that would make this comment too long and I want to share my success. Reintroduced foods in slowly and found that I was negatively impacted by all flour products, regardless if they were bleached flour or wheat, etc.
No one gets out of life walking between the raindrops.But in any case, it took me a very long time to discover what I had to do to get around the problem. No miracle that girls do starving diets since they want to fit in the smallest size regardless of the healthiness of such diets.
Luckily for me, losing 20 lbs would make me a US 4 which is definitely healthy, but it still makes me sad that I look at her super skinny pictures and secretly wish I were a 0 also. And if they take laxatives, and daily exercise their fingers down their throats to be the bony pride and joy of brothers and boyfriends parading them as the status stunner?
Die slowly as you starve yourself physically to appear beautiful: accepted, petted and loved. They can go to a size 2 or size 0 clothing rack and select amazing outfits and everything they try on looks fabulous. I hate it when people say "real women have curves," because I'm sure that makes them feel like crap too! OR  Live and eat but choke and die socially, because you will be heavier than your peers and most likely be borderline overweight, even obese if you begin the indulgent wheel and woe of guilt, self-torture and muted pain that you have lost your edge in overweight oblivion. They can sport belly rings on flat stomachs and see-through flimsy shirts with bra straps flying out and LOOK COOL. I also watch what I eat and have discovered some of my favorites that tick up the pounds so I have cut them back to the occasional treat.
I was overweight or obese most of my life and only when I came to the end of myself, was I able to realize how and why I overate. Over this winter, I gained back 10 of those pounds but paying attention to what I eat and what makes me tired has made a tremendous difference. Today I am 6'2, just over 300 lbs and consume an average of 2,000 cal a day (trying to recover my metabolism) What is important is not how much I weigh, but the fact that other than my weight, I am the picture of health.
The processed additives played havoc with my immune system all these years.Anyway, if you ever want to guest post about your experiences here, it would be wonderful. You get the leftover guys who are a hassle to deal with, the pain in the ass, the neurotic, the economically deranged or the one who expects you to be like his mother. The wonderful health and strengthening of you immune system will increase as the weight comes off and your strength and confidence that you can do it will lead you to completed success.Keep in touch.

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