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With the summer months only a few months out, I’m pleased to announce my latest workout program, the Trip Fitness Shredded Program! This program builds off of the success of my 12 Week Muscle Gain Program that I launched early in January of this year. The Shredded Program is a 16 week, (yes, that’s 4 months) program designed around (4) four week phases.
With this program, I suggest that you workout 5 days per week, but I understand that for some people that may prove to be difficult. The reasoning behind a 16 Week Program is that I am not the type of person to ever look for a quick fix. The real beauty of this program is that it can also be split into two separate 8 week programs based on the way it is laid out.
As I mentioned, this program is broken up into four mesophases which each last for four weeks.
By including higher rep, lighter weight sets, this attacks the hypertrophy phase of muscle definition. By including lower rep, heavier weight sets, this allows you to maintain the strength you have worked hard to build! This program is set up like my other muscle gain program, where it starts out lighter, with less sets (good for beginners) and builds up to intense workouts with 5 sets! Beginner To Weight Training: This program starts out slow and ramps up over four weeks, allowing you to learn movements if you need to and get your body ready for the more difficult workouts to come.

Advanced Weightlifters: Even the folks that have been lifting all their lives need motivation and direction. Men and Women:  Surprisingly, I have sold a ton of 12 Week Muscle Gain Programs to ladies looking to build a strong foundation of strength and as you can see in the testimonials above, they have been having great success! Getting Back In Shape: Many people tend to fall off the wagon, but quickly realize that the warm season is coming and they want to feel comfortable at the beach or the water park with their kids.
A spreadsheet that includes my exclusive progress tracking graph to keep visual tabs on you progress throughout the program. All 16 weeks of workouts, detailed out on a highly editable excel sheet, formatted for easy printing to help you take it to the gym with you.
Check this out, a typical personal trainer is going to charge you between $60-100 PER HOUR!
Until May 1st, I am offering a huge “get ready for summer”┬ádiscount to get you on track with your 2016 fitness goals!! As always, feel free to use the contact form on here to reach out to me prior to any purchase.
If so, please join the rest of us who receive exclusive fitness content, workout tips, and get a FREE COPY of 5 fitness guides, The Fitness GPS! The Summer is closely upon us and as things start heating up, you better start thinking about turning up the heat of your workouts in the gym. I don't care what type of goal you have, if it is not intense, it is not doing you any good.Recent research suggested that combining both cardio and weights together has been shown to be one of the best ways to turn up the intensity of any one program.

In some of the findings, strength actually went up as a results of combining cardio with weights. It simply means that using traditional exercises you would normally do in a program is only ONE part of the actual workout.
During specific times within and following a specific set of exercises I have you doing cardio during the actual weight training.
What type of cardo?The type of cardio is really up to you, however I would strongly recommend picking one of the below exercises to maximize the IRON cardio Principle I recommend using with this program. Whenever the Program States SHOWTIME HIIT Pick one of the following exercises to do for up to 3 minutes with 30 seconds rest in between each minutes.
So its as simple as following the outlined workout and then picking one or a combination of the listed movements below and execute whenever the program dictates SHOWTIME HIIT training. Kettle bell SwingStep UpsHang clean So unlike the traditional cardio exercises you will actually be doing weight training for your cardio. You can make small substitutions or simply use the Nutritional Meal Planner on the site to create your own custom meal plan.

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