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High-speed shredders which are mounted on our trucks shred paper 40 times faster than most office shredders, significantly reducing the cost of in-house paper shredding.
ShredPro offers 2 types of shredding services tailored to suit your individual or business needs, our aim is to provide you with a great service second to none. ShredPro provides Free Security Cabinets for your confidential waste to be placed throughout the clients offices.
Our One-Off Shredding Service consists of a customer calling us as often or as little as required. All shredded paper is weighed using precise onboard electronic scales that are situated on the shredding truck and a certificate of destruction is then issued to confirm safe destruction and removal of any confidential waste, in line with the latest government legislations including the Data Protection Act. The desire to "go green" creates unique HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) challenges for health care providers.
Under the rules of HIPAA, you must anticipate and protect patients against privacy violations. When is it okay to throw that piece of paper in the recycle bin and when do you need to destroy it first? Like any fairly new regulation, HIPAA has created some confusion about the rules of the game. You understand that it’s important to destroy those potentially risky documents, but isn’t in-house shredding good enough? Additionally, when you opt for independent-party destruction, you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction that provides your company with an audit trail demonstrating you are in compliance with HIPAA. For more information about professional document shredding, call Shred Pro Services today at 281-591-2288. The Data Protection Act of 2000 states that any information relating to individuals must be maintained and disposed of in a secure manner.

Shred Pro's confidential shredding services can help you meet your statutory obligations and put your mind at rest. Jesse Hedeen is a personal trainer who’s been helping people transform themselves since 2005. Favorite NVIE Nutrition Product: “Picking my favorite product is a tough one, they’re all great, but if I had to pick one I’d have to say the new Edge PRO.
As it's much faster in time, this means you have extra time available to continue your usual business needs. These secure cabinets are locked to ensure confidential documents cannot be removed or misplaced.
Again the documents are destroyed on-site and shredded material is taken to a recycling mill. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as using a qualified Houston shredding service that also specializes in recycling documents. Unfortunately, documents sent out for recycling are in danger of having the confidential information contained in them viewed by any number of curious eyes.
An ever increasing amount of material is considered confidential and has to be disposed of in a secure and environmentally friendly way. Furthermore, it means you won't need to pay staff or an individual to spend time shredding paper.
The danger might seem small – but keep in mind the large legal ramifications of violating HIPAA.
The fact is, if you are a health care professional and you handle and create patient records, you are subject to HIPAA in one way or another.
Documents such as memoa€™s or printed emails with a simple name and a telephone number are considered confidential and must be disposed of in a secure and professional manner.

The material will be destroyed on-site and the shredded material taken to a local recycling mill. You may also be surprised to know that even if the information is not exploited, the improper release is still a violation of HIPAA. Proper protocol and shredding of documents is a must when you’re destroying documents containing sensitive information. Today Jesse is a National Physique competitor in the NPC, an Official NVIE Nutrition Sponsored Athlete, Gym Owner and Transformation Specialist.
For these reasons and more, you should seriously consider using Houston shredding services that will both shred and recycle your confidential healthcare documents. Choosing bonded and insured Destruction Service Technicians ensures the confidential records will be handled with diligence and care by a shredding service in Houston.
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The energy seems to last for hours as I am jacked for the rest of the day with no sudden crash. Even better is that it doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach so it’s not going to cause any discomfort when you’re training, which is an obvious plus.

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