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The P290 - 90° shred milling tools line is based on unique inserts with serrated cutting edges. When the tools are used with the serrated edged P290 ACKT…-FW inserts, very small chips are produced. The serrations on the cutting edges of the P290 inserts are designed to provide an overlapping effect between all adjacent tool pockets, providing a fully effective cutter configuration.
The inserts are available with various chipformers and edge preparations to enable optimal machining for a large variety of materials.

They are the ideal solution for machining very deep cavities, as the chips can easily be removed from the machining zone, consequently enabling very effective chatter dampening abilities even when positioned at very long overhang positions. This feature simplifies tool assembly and eliminates insert indexing errors that can cause tool destruction. The difference with this one is not only will it contain protein but Nutrabolic’s have thrown in some raspberry ketones, banaba, and gymnema sylvestr.
They will not do anywhere near as much damage as an actual combination weight loss product like Hydroxycut or Shred Matrix.

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