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Like all the products in my JYM Supplement Science line, Shred JYM doesn't cut any corners. Unfortunately, when it comes to dosing and total ingredients, many supplement companies take a "less is more" approach to maximize profit on a given product.
Also like the rest of the JYM Supplement Science line, Shred JYM does not use proprietary blends.
To get leaner, you need to reduce the amount of fat your fat cells store to effectively make them smaller.
The problem with most stored and dietary fat is that it needs to be escorted into the mitochondria.
To ensure long-term weight loss, you have to crank up your body's energy requirements to make your mitochondria burn more fat for fuel. However, your metabolic rate can drop the longer you diet and more drastically you lower your calorie intake.
Shred JYM is built on the very ingredients I use to torch fat, augment my training program, and enhance the impact of my diet. Let's get out the microscope and take an even closer look at some of the ingredients and doses used to make Shred JYM a safe and effective fat burner. The most critical role that carnitine plays in the body is helping transport fat across the mitochondria of cells.
Green tea (Camellia sinensis) contains compounds called catechins, including epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the main catechin responsible for green tea's thermogenic effects. In addition to aiding fat loss, green tea has been suggested to have a laundry list of benefits. Caffeine is recognized around the world for its ability to enhance alertness and brain function.
The body uses tyrosine to produce several important hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine, and thyroid hormones. It is also suggested that, during times of stress, such as when dieting and training hard, the body's ability to produce its own tyrosine from the amino acid phenyalaine is compromised.
Capsaicin is the major pungent substance in red hot peppers, such as cayenne chili peppers.
CapsimaxA® is a patented form of pepper extract that delivers 300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Del Coso J, Caffeine-containing energy drink improves sprint performance during an international rugby sevens competition. I can’t say for certain which fat burners they use down on the West Coast, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more than a few use Jim Stoppani’s new Shred JYM. Thanks to his reputation as a supplement guru, and a unique selling proposition centered around transparent ingredient labels, it’s easy to see why Stoppani’s JYM line has become so popular.
However, just because a fat burner works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for everybody. Shred JYM stays fairly on-brand in its product description, using ingredients as the basis for benefit claims. Other purported benefits of Shred JYM that can be attributed directly to ingredients include the ability to increase metabolism and improve fat burning, which you get from the green tea extract and synephrine. Both green tea extract and synephrine are well-researched, and shown to help with weight loss.
Shred JYM does have effective weight loss ingredients, but I wish it had something like mucuna pruriens for mood support.
The thermogenic effect for me wasn’t very strong, meaning I didn’t feel like my body temperature got as hot with Shred JYM as it has with other fat burners.
But overall, between the green tea extract, synephrine, acetyl-l-carnitine, and caffeine in Shred JYM, you’re going to get a solid weight loss supplement with effectively dosed ingredients.
Just make sure you take it knowing it’s not going to affect your central nervous system as strongly as some of the other fat burners out there. When I started noticing a few bumps in the road, I added in Jim’s intermittent fasting routine and a few supplements that he recommended. My motivation for getting back into shape is my little girl, who was born in May of this year.
The biggest change that I had to make during the transformation was keeping my wife in mind when it came to meals.
The best advice I can give to anyone looking to start their journey is to set realistic goals, don’t be afraid to seek professional guidance and track your progress along the way.
Shred JYM is that entire supplement regimen in one fat-blasting formula.* It's a powerfully dosed, fully loaded fat-loss weapon built with six synergistic ingredients. There's a reason one serving of Shred JYM requires four capsules: because one serving provides you with 2,750 mg of active, science-backed, ingredients associated with fat-loss when exercise is added and absolutely zero filler.
Every ingredient is proudly displayed alongside its actual dose on the supplement facts panel.
I wouldn't create a product that wasn't proven to be safe and expect you to use it, because I wouldn't use it myself. If it's not used for fuel, fat can actually go back into your fat cells and get stored again! When you follow a fat-loss diet, work out, and use fat-burning supplements you generate more freed-up fat than normal. The EGCG from the green tea extract, capsaicin from the CapsimaxA® Cayenne pepper extract, caffeine, and L-tyrosine work to ramp up the activity of your mitochondria so that more fat is converted into ATP.
The acetyl group also allows it to be taken up by the brain, which can promote better brain function and mood, as well as enhance energy levels. The mitochondria are essentially all cells' power plants, where the majority of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is derived for energy.
EGCG inhibits an enzyme that normally breaks down norepinephrine, the neurotransmitter involved in regulating metabolic rate and fat-burning.
Increased levels of these hormones and neurotransmitters ramps you up, making you more alert and focused.

It works to ramp up metabolic activity, which increases the amount of calories and fat your body burns. Many people cannot tolerate the "heat" from hot peppers, which irritates the mouth and gastrointestinal tract.
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Some pungent principles of spices cause the adrenal medulla to secrete catecholamine in anesthetized rats. Adrenal sympathetic efferent nerve and catecholamine secretion excitation caused by capsaicin in rats. Effects of capsaicin and isothiocyanate on thermogenesis of interscapular brown adipose tissue in rats. Combined effects of red pepper and caffeine consumption on 24 h energy balance in subjects given free access to foods. Effects of red pepper added to high-fat and high-carbohydrate meals on energy metabolism and substrate utilization in Japanese women. Metabolic and physiological effects of ingesting extracts of bitter orange, green tea and guarana at rest and during treadmill walking in overweight males. Increase in the thermic effect of food by adrenergic amines extracted from Citrus aurantium. Some people may have a sensitive stomach and will not tolerate green tea extract well on an empty stomach. So here’s my complete and updated Shred JYM review, to help you decide if it’s worth a try. For example, the claim, “help to carry more of that fat into the mitochondria,” is one of the main functions of the first ingredient acetyl-l-carnitine. Synephrine, also known as bitter orange extract, is a compound which increases metabolic rate and stimulates fatty acids to be release from cells so they can be burned as energy. If you’re looking for an effectively dosed fat burner that’s not heavy on stims, then Shred JYM is definitely the way to go. A review of the human clinical studies involving Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract and its primary protoalkaloid p-synephrine Int J Med Sci. Body weight loss and weight maintenance in relation to habitual caffeine intake and green tea supplementation Obes Res. Now after the launch of the post-workout Post Jym, Stoppani has released word of a fourth product. I knew that if I didn’t get started right away, it would be even harder down the road and I would end up like most adult males in my area – obese and sedentary.
I do all of the cooking, so I needed to be creative in order to keep us both happy at meal times. Anytime you hit a road block, take a step back, review your plan and make small adjustments as needed.
To prevent this from happening, you have to push fat into your mitochondria, which are your cellular power plants. This overloads the typical transport system, which prevents some of that fat from reaching the mitochondria.
Once fatty acids pass into the mitochondria, they can be oxidized ("burned") to generate ATP. Effects of oral L-carnitine supplementation on in vivo long-chain fatty acid oxidation in healthy adults.
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A review of the human clinical studies involving Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract and its primary protoalkaloid p-synephrine. A review of the receptor-binding properties of p-synephrine as related to its pharmacological effects. A 60day double-blind, placebo controlled safety study involving Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) extract. Effect of acute administration of an herbal preparation on blood pressure and heart rate in humans. With 200 mg of caffeine I didn’t feel jittery or like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. It has well-researched ingredients, and provides a clean energy that doesn’t make you jittery. I set out not only to get back to where I was, but to surpass any level of fitness that I had achieved in the past. After discovering Jim Stoppani, I decided to give Shortcut to Shred and Dieting 101 a shot.
To make sure I was getting enough protein every day, I supplemented with Pro JYM exactly as laid out in Dieting 101.
After seeing those first few pounds come off, I knew I wouldn’t stop until I reached my ultimate goal.
The mitochondria take fat, carbs, and the breakdown products of protein and convert them into usable energy in the form of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, which your muscles use to contract during exercise.
Exercise also helps you burn more calories at rest, at least for several hours after a given workout is over. Without adequate carnitine, most dietary fats cannot get into the mitochondria and be burned for fuel. The effect of a caffeinated energy drink on various psychological measures during submaximal cycling. While on these programs, I lost a total of 22 pounds and went from a size 36 waist to a size 32. Effect of capsaicin on substrate oxidation and weight maintenance after modest body-weight loss in human subjects. Stereochemical and physiological differences between naturally occurring p-synephrine and synthetic p-synephrine.
To keep his loyal followers interested and informed, Stoppani has uploaded the facts panel of the fat burner revealing a six piece formula of tyrosine, green tea, acetyl-l-carnitine HCL, caffeine, synephrine, and the trademarked Capsimax. I gained strength and muscle, all while on a cutting-edge fitness program and low-carbohydrate diet.
Discontinue if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headache or shortness of breath. I achieved these results in five months; I completed Shortcut to Shred two times and stayed on the Dieting 101 plan the entire time. The only things that appear to be missing from the Shred Jym announcement are it’s directions, price, and launch date.
Concerning California Residents: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or reproductive harm.
But until something more official pops up, we will leave you with Shred Jym’s facts panel below.
Letting you know right down to the milligram what Stoppani’s weight loss product has to offer.

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