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Recently Ian Smith released a new book called the Super Shred which is said to help you lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks. The kinds of foods you eat while on this plan range anywhere from snack bars, to nuts, vegetables, lean meats and other various proteins.
Drink a glass of water before every meal: This helps with digestion and hydration of the body. This diet is pretty good for those who want to get fast results as well as people who like to have everything laid out for them in a detailed step-by-step approach.
Personally if I had a choice, I’d recommend┬áthat option above Super Shred since you could experience faster results, more flexibility and most importantly long term results. Hello gorgeous, I'm Yasmeen, I'm 25, and I'm so glad you're here :) Certified Health Coach through ACE.

I know that only the first level video is available on youtube but I have level 2 and 3 and I have uploaded them to mediafire and I will include the links at the end of this post.
This is the meal plan for ripped in 30 and you can use it to go along with the videos but I am personally modifying it to include my fav foods but keeping the general ideas similar.
While this is for the most part true, this review is going to help clarify if this plan is worth your time. Each phase lasts 1 week in which you are provided specific meal plans as well as shopping lists.
Good short term approach to dieting, although pretty strict and not meant to be used for the long haul. Certainly in some aspects this diet is strict, but the good news is that the author is very upfront about these things including that it’s really meant to be a short term solution.

That in my mind is something everyone who is looking to lose weight should strive for, because after all what’s the point of going through the endless back n forth dieting, wasting time and money when you could get it right the first time? The 21-Day Shred, your blueprint to building a rock solid, shredded body is back and better than ever. This version doesn’t provide the same type of speedy results, but is more intended for long term plans and helping beat plateaus.
I’m just saying there are better alternatives, like the one diet I mentioned earlier.

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