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APN Rapid Shred is great for dropping those last few stubborn kilograms, we all that is one of the struggles just remember you need to watch what you eat, work hard and keep disciplined at all times. CLA helps restrict the size of fat cells, so that those cells don’t store the energy as fat. Taurine is a very useful amino acid that can help with mental clarity and focus, which can be something you really need when shredding. It also works as a testosterone booster to increase your body’s ability to put on lean muscle, and also fights free radicals that can corrupt parts of your body’s cells, so it works to help you build good, strong and solid muscle.
These are fairly new to the supplement world, but their ability to boost the positive weight loss effects of caffeine while not increasing the jittery side effects make it an ingredient to get excited about. Tyrosine is an amino acid that can really help with your focus and muscle recovery, after all, just because you’re shredding it doesn’t mean you want to feel weak!
This is a herbal extract that can help detox your blood as well as act as an anti-inflammatory, so it can make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs without the toxins, as well as keeping your joints in order.
This isn’t like the mango you see in the supermarket, the seed is ground up to make a powder that is high in soluble fibre, for improving digestive health and helping you absorb nutrients, as well as other substances that can stabilise your blood sugar levels and fight high cholesterol levels by encouraging your body to burn it as energy. This is taken from grapefruit seeds, which are high in vitamin C, and can also promote healing and reduce fatigue, so you have no excuse to finish your set early anymore!

Everyone knows that caffeine can help you get the most out of your exercise in many ways, but when paired with Raspberry Ketones, the side effects are blunted a bit. This is a trademarked stimulant that is designed to improve focus and energy, expect to hear lots about this in the future, it’s an ingredient that’s going to take the supplement world by storm. This ingredient can help relax and sooth skeletal muscle, while encouraging heart muscles to contract with greater strength. APN Rapid Shred comes in 4 flavours with a massive 60 serves at price that wont break the bank.
With that being said a good fat burner can make it a little bit easier, that’s where Rapid Shred comes in.
This is a combination of Carnitine and Tartrate, and can improve your body’s ability to get energy and oxygen to your muscles, as well as help hold off fatigue and muscle soreness. That energy is then picked up by the carnitine and taken to your muscles, where it is burned off. This is a fairly new ingredient in the supplement industry, but there is a lot of excitement about the possible benefits of this natural ingredient. Besides being rich in caffeine, it can help improve circulation, muscle tone and keep your blood sugar levels stable.

It helps increase your heart rate and body temperature, which means you’ll burn more kilojoules at all times, especially when exercising. This means that blood can move about your body more freely, giving your muscles energy and nutrients faster, while taking away the fatigue toxins. There’s nothing crazy or super exotic to confuse you, just high quality ingredients designed to help your body burn the maximum levels of fat. With a good balance of fat metabolisers, thermogenics and mood enhancers, you’ll feel and look great.
This means that when you use fat from an area, it’s not replaced straight away, making it easier to keep weight off once you’ve used the fat from there.

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