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Top Muscle and Fitness Secrets Published 7 September 2012 Guys, you are going to love me for this I guarantee you! It’s a tested and tried protocol with which you can turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE in just 4 minutes of training a day. The Tabata Protocol is named after the world famous Japanese researcher for the National Institute of fitness and sports, Izumi Tabata and was originally applied to the Japanese National Speed Skating Team.
Basically what you have to do is time yourself and alternate 20 seconds of intense workout (anaerobic threshold), to 10 seconds of rest and repeat this 8 times. This improves your metabolic conditioning in a very specific way and you will be burning calories for hours after the workout is completed.
You can choose any exercise for your 4 minutes cardio, ranging from running flat out, to body-weight exercises, to resistance exercises to cardio equipment. You can leave your 4 minutes cardio to the end of your training session and do an exercise that will work muscles that have not been completey exhausted yet. We strongly believe in PERSONALIZED fitness routines and that is really the BIGGEST fitness secret we can offer you.
Mesomorphs (medium build) lose fat easily and gain muscle without too much difficulty, they are naturally “built for bodybuilding”, but must be careful not to be undisciplined just because it comes easier to them.
Other Posts Which May Interest You:Custom-build your own body building program If you were thinking of hopping onto this page and finding a ready to use, “out the box” bodybuilding program  then you will be disappointed.
We told you how John Abraham, taking his craze for fitness a notch higher has been planning to start off his own chain of gymnasiums - JA Fitness with its flagship store in Worli, Mumbai. And now, we've learnt that the actor wants to go a step further and be professionally able to advise people on body building and fitness.
The Five Towns Bodybuilding and Strength Competition gave the audience the chance to take to the stage themselves, giving people the opportunity to sample the world of competitive body building. People spent hours of time in the gym without any signs of improvement as they are not able to get the right type of bodybuilding routines.
A bodybuilding supplement guide listing of all the proven effective dietary and muscle building supplements. We feel it is extremely important for you to understand what, how and why you take your supplements. Beginner's guide to bodybuilding supplements - learn the basics about proteins, creatine, glutamine, and weight gainers.
Yes, there really ARE good quality supplements out there put out by good quality companies that really DO care about their customers.
Unfortunately the VAST MAJORITY of them are pushing out mega-pills of exotic-but-worthless herbal powders that will do little if NOTHING for your fitness goals!
Marketing masters know that we've all been programmed to believe that the more something costs, the better it is.  That's why a Lexus costs more than Volkswagen, right? Hell, wouldn't you RATHER spend $50 on something that WILL give you some REAL results rather than WASTE $10 on something that won't do a thing for you? They know that even if they put together a worthless supplement that costs them less than a dollar a bottle to make, they will make MORE SALES and make MORE MONEY if they charge you $89.99 and give it a scientific trademarked name!
This con is carried out right under our noses and we're practically BEGGING them to allow us the privilege to spend MORE! You'd probably wet your pants with excitement and throw him your wallet before he changed his mind, wouldn't you?! It only makes you even MORE suspicious and hesitant to actually TRY some of the supplements that really CAN help you achieve your personal fitness goals! That's when I rip off a piece of paper from my training journal and scribble down your "Homemade Supplement Secrets" website and tell them your program is all they need! You're 'Average Joe Guide' is the best resource I've seen to show people how to construct an effective supplement plan AND save a load of money at the same time.
When I see all the supplement ads or walk into my local supplement store, I'm amazed by all that's out there.

I break down the primary and ancillary ingredients in each of these 24 supplements and show you what REAL RESEARCH had to say about their effectiveness. I promise you'll be SHOCKED at what I found out about some of the ingredients you and I are spending our hard-earned money on!
I've turned over every rock I could find for the past 2 years in looking for the very best deals available on supplements. You'll be amazed at some of the deals that are literally HIDDEN from the average person and tucked away in the darkest corners you may never even think to look.
I KNOW you've spent your hard-earned money on expensive supplements before only to end up frustrated, wondering if they were working, right?
You'll FINALLY be able to EASILY make your own supplements that will leave you with NO DOUBT they're working because you'll see and feel the results!.
Hopefully you can see by now just how easy it will be for you to FINALLY take advantage of a proper supplementation program without forking over a week's paycheck. And hopefully you can see that if you EVER want to maximize your potential for ANY fitness goal you may have, you need to know which supplements are powerful performers and separate them from the shameless herbs and spices disguised as the lastest "breakthrough" miracle supplement! I bought your 'Homemade Supplement Secrets' book and I've been using a mixture of your pre- and post-workouts formulas from the recipes you provided. This is EXTREMELY hard to do at such low body fat levels and I have no doubts that your formulas helped me add on that extra muscle while getting shredded for my contest! For all those who doubt that they can actually make their own supplements that work even BETTER than expensive brands, they're making a HUGE MISTAKE and getting their wallets sucked dry.
Most of my programs cost around $67-$97 and are gobbled up simply because people know that I provide cutting edge information you can't find anywhere else. For that reason alone, I could easily charge $97 for this program and it would STILL pay you back over and over again, wouldn't it? In fact, I'm so sure you're going to be overwhelmed at your personal savings that I'm going to GUARANTEE you will save money with this easy-to-follow consumer guide!
I'm so sure that you're going to be excited about saving hundreds of dollars after reading this manual that I'm backing it up with my personal guarantee!
Order today and I'll give you up to 8 WEEKS to create your own powerful supplement formulas!  If you don't see the potential in saving 10 TIMES the cost of this book using my tips, I will refund 100% of your money! In fact, I released 1,000 copies to a select few members of my newsletter list in May and I got a few "nasty" emails from purchasers who thought it was unethical of ME to release this information! I try to help them by saving them a ton of money and they accused ME of taking money away from the major supplement manufacturers simply because I'm giving away their "secret recipes"! If this is how a select few idiots are going to react to this program, then quite frankly, I have no idea what continued public reaction is going to be.
And since I DO have some friends in the industry (both in the manufacturing AND marketing ends), I've decided that while I don't care about hurting the feelings of the big box supplement companies, I'm not looking to damage the business of friends who ARE putting out some quality supplements.
You'll NEVER AGAIN be at the mercy of greedy supplement companies who are trying desperately to suck the life out of your bank account! I'll let you in on ALL of the shady tactics you need to be aware of so you'll be able to make an educated decision EVERY TIME you evaluate the latest "breakthrough" miracle supplement! These are "copy cat" recipe blends you can start making right way using simple, easy-to-find ingredients!
I'll continue to take your requests and forward you brand new supplement "knock off" formulas complete with the same level of high quality research and analysis that you expect!
This Special Report shows you step-by-step how to master this advanced supplement technique. For over 16 months I've been researching, developing, and testing my own personal supplement formulas that will outperform even the most expensive name brand supplements you see in popular muscle magazines! Designed to actually be consumed DURING your workout, you have so much power, strength, and motivation, they'll have to drag you out of the gym kicking and screaming! This is the same exact personal supplement stack that helps me get down to a shredded 6.5% body fat!

Unleash a flood of Human Growth Hormone for skyrocketing muscle gains, increased energy, and autopilot fat melting! When you think about all of the money you're finally going to save, there's really only ONE CHOICE, isn't there? I Want To Stop Wasting My Money On Expensive Supplements By Making My OWN Powerful Formulas!!! I'm tired of spending my hard-earned money on "hyped up" bodybuilding and fat loss supplements that promise all and deliver NOTHING! The submission of reviews is free, but users agree not to post comments unlawful, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, profane, libelous, invasive of another's privacy. Other Ingredients: Tartaric acid, Hypromellose, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Microcrystalline cellulose. Warnings: consult your physician before use in pregnancy, nursing, children under 14 and old people. It’s just one of those SMART bits of information that can make a HUGE difference to your training – even your life. In our Bodybuilding Programs article we already speak about adapting nutrition to somatotypes.
It would not be ethical for us to publish something which is not guaranteed to give results. And now, we’ve learnt that the actor wants to go a step further and be professionally able to advise people on body building and fitness.
I already take Superpump 250 as a pre-workout supplement and whey protein right after my workout. Before you lay out another thin dime of your hard-earned money––get your hands on the free Bodybuilding Supplement Guide. We will not publish comments that contain promotions for parties or movements praising fanaticism, racism, class hatred, they are not also published comments that provide confidential information learned under an employment relationship, those that contain personal data or numbers telephone, those offensive patents, trademarks, copyrights or other intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, those in advertising and commercial content, and finally those that use coded messages. I know you are eager to know more so I’m going to get stuck right in and give you this real PRO secret.
Well, here are the results of the Tabata Protocol vs a normal 60 minute aerobic workout after 6 weeks of muscle and fitness testing. Endomorphs should be doing cardio and reducing fat intake until they are lean enough to get comfortably through their aerobic activity. They are best suited for endurance sports but can find it really hard to build muscle unless they get the right program going.
Kyle Leon, creator of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer was a typical ectomorph with “spaghetti arms” and had uselessly tried all sorts of supplements until he got access to the right information and built his award winning body.
Iafstore reserves the right to remove, without notice and at its sole discretion, comments that do not comply with such regulations. Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or to substitude a normal diet.
Ectomorphs should increase calorie and unsaturated fat intake to build muscle (yes I said increase [unsaturated] FAT intake to build MUSCLE), and rest for at least 2-3 days between regular workouts.
Iafstore reserves also collected and stored the identification data, date, time of the computer that published the comments in order to deliver them upon request to the competent authorities. Working out is only HALF of the job, the other half is providing the body with the right nutrients that will allow it to build up the muscle mass. You want to be augmenting your calorie intake but you don’t want to be getting fat because of this.

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