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Results are forwarded to the Healthy Nature Health Clinic for review by the naturopathic team. A non-invasive hormone test kit used to assess thyroid hormone levels and function within the body - via analysis of a urinary sample.
The thyroid hormones tested will provide us with information about the levels of the bio-available hormones that are active within your body. When ordered this kit will be posted to your home, from where; you can take your urinary sample. The Labrix Comprehensive PLUS Hormone Panel Saliva Test Kit - Labrix Clinical Services Inc.
The Labrix Short Comprehensive Hormone Panel Saliva Test Kit - Labrix Clinical Services Inc. DRG Saliva ELISAS are easy-to-use, non invasive sampling test kits designed for the measurement of the free (unbound) fraction of steroids.

DRG Saliva ELISAs offers a wide range of sensitive and reliable tests for measurement of free steroid hormones. The Comprehensive Hormone Panel is the starting point for initial assessment of hormonal status and endocrine function.
This information allows you to supplement hormones according to a plan tailored for only you.
This panel is useful with male and female patients because it looks at the full diurnal cortisol pattern.
Well-balanced hormones regulate everything from reproduction to emotions, general health and well-being. They are also a reliable measurement of steroids in veterinary saliva samples without further pre-treatment. An imbalance of any one hormone can throw your physical and mental health out of balance, causing aggravating and even serious health problems.

Labrix uses one of the most advanced processes available for accurately assessing hormone levels in saliva.
Labrix uses four saliva samples, timed throughout the day, for results that accurately reflect your hormonal status, as some hormones levels vary somewhat during the course of the day. For the testing of Estradiol, DHEA, Progesterone, and Testosterone, we take an equal amount of specimen from each tube and transfer it into a 5th tube, the pool, which is used for testing. This process ensures a more accurate overall average of the hormone level, compensating for the natural daily peaks and troughs of these analytes. If only one tube is collected at a random time of day, there is no way to know if the result reflects one of those daily fluctuations and is accurate.

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